After Registration – Weary Rider

Thanks for Registering!  You will be notified as Weary Rider benefits are developed in the coming months so you can take advantage of all Weary Rider has to offer!

If you like what we are doing at Weary Rider (WR), Please do the following:

  • Include the hastag #WearyRider with all of your motorcycle related facebook and twitter posts.  This is a great way to include your riding experiences in the weary rider family, which is a big part of our intent.


  • Use our website links for your online shopping
    .  This costs you nothing and helps keep your membership to Weary Rider free!

Some of the benefits we are developing are:

  • Weekend skills training throughout the country

  • Civilian skill competitions

  • Multi topic forum

  • List of rides broken down by state with the ability for members to contribute their own rides

  • Comprehensive list of discounted insurance providers including special policies for iron butt competitions

  • Roadside Assistance Coverage

  • Online Product Discounts

  • Local Rallies and Rides

  • Long Distance Rallies

  • Motorcycle Friendly Hotels with discounts for booking through Weary

We need YOUR suggestions! 

Please email us at with your recommendations.