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2016 Yamaha FJR1300 gets a slipper clutch, 6-speed transmission, LED headlamp

2016 YAM FJR1300 A EU DNMN ACT 0012016 YAM FJR1300 A EU DNMN ACT 0022016 YAM FJR1300 A EU DNMN ACT 0032016 YAM FJR1300 A EU DNMN ACT 0042016 YAM FJR1300 A EU DNMN ACT 0052016 YAM FJR1300 A EU DNMN STA 0012016 YAM FJR1300 A EU DNMN STA 0032016 YAM FJR1300 A EU DNMN STA 0042016 YAM FJR1300 A EU DNMN STU 0022016 YAM FJR1300 A EU DNMN STU 0062016 YAM FJR1300 A EU MS1 STU 0022016 YAM FJR1300 A EU MS1 STU 006
The 2016 Yamaha FJR1300, a 146bhp sports-tourer that's fast and all-around capable

Since the time when the FJR1300 sports-tourer was first launched, fifteen years ago, Yamaha have sold more than 60,000 units of the bike in Europe alone. For 2016, the FJR has been updated yet again, with an all-new 6-speed transmission that provides improved acceleration, a new slipper clutch that's easier to operate and which provides smoother downshifts, four-LED headlight assembly, updated instrument panel and a new matt-silver colour option.

The FJR1300's 1298cc inline-four remains unchanged, and still delivers an impressive 146 horsepower and 138Nm of torque, allowing the bike to be ridden hard and fast all day long. The FJR1300AE and 1300AS models also get adaptive cornering lights, which illuminate the road as the bike starts to lean into a bend. Three LEDs, located above each of the twin-eye headlights, are illuminated in succession when the bike's "Inertial Measurement Unit" (IMU) detects that the motorcycle is banking over. Reflectors are positioned between each of the cornering lights in order to project the right amount of light on to the road. At low banking angles, the innermost pair of LEDs are automatically turned on, and as the bike's lean angle increases the middle pair illuminate, followed by the outer pair of lights when the bank angle becomes more extreme.

In a nod towards advanced rider safety, the 2016 Yamaha FJR1300 is fully compatible with the Dainese D-Air Street system, which consists of a range of sensors, connectors, display and brackets, combined with a D-Air jacket, which deploys an airbag in the event of a crash/collision. This, along with a the FJR's clean, quiet shaft-drive system, electronically adjustable suspension, electronically adjustable windscreen, switchable traction control system, ABS, cruise control, 25-litre fuel tank, sidecases and heated grips etc. ensure that the FJR is now more suited than ever before for long-distance sport-touring.

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Yuma Route Suggestion

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This route passes through: Ashland, Redding, Sacramento, San Jose, Salinas, San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, Ventura

Length: 1,201.39km / 750.87mi

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Mininch Tool Pen Mini

Motorcycling is, by nature, a minimalist activity. Whether it is picking out the right jacket with the proper amount of pockets, a backpack that has low-drag and is comfortable but will also store everything you need for work, size and storage capability matter big time.

Mininch Tool Pen Mini // MSRP $80

You will be hard-pressed to find a rider with an older bike whose tool roll hasn’t been meticulously refined. Unnecessary items removed, multi-functional pieces added to save room, flimsy tools replaced with sturdier ones. It is here that the Mininch Tool Pen Mini finds it’s home.

The Mininch Pen Tool Mini is as precision hand tool that fits in your pocket and feels/ looks like a normal pen. Machined out of a single piece of metal, the body of the pen tool is strong and sturdy feeling, the magnets in the bits give you a feel of the tight connections and the small parts inside don’t shake or rattle. The functionality is like that of the old mechanical pencils I had in elementary school: you push a bit in the back and one comes out of the front. But when you’re pushing from the front, there is a lock mechanism that keeps the bits from coming out the back, allowing you to use the appropriate pressure. While heading out for a weekend, I noted that my sunglasses took one bit size, my pocket knife another, and three for small adjustments on my bike. I packed those five bits into the pen, put the pen in my pocket, and I can rest easy knowing that I have those areas of maintenance covered if I need to address anything.

Mininch Tool Pen Mini // MSRP $80

Small and sturdy with a wide variety of bits included, this multi-tool is sure to stay a part of our “everyday carry” for a long time coming.

Check out their website for more information on the Tool Pen and the Tool Pen Mini.

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Indian Motorcycle Launches Dealer Custom Program

2016 Indian Scout Sixty with Accessories

Indian Motorcycle

today announced its ‘Project Scout: Build a Legend’ custom program. The program gives select dealers a high-profile forum to showcase their passion for Indian Motorcycle and their team’s talent by building a custom Indian Scout. There are no rules or restrictions on bike theme, cost or build style, although entrants must utilize a 2016 Indian Scout model and a minimum of three genuine Indian Scout accessories from the current catalog of more than 200 items. The Indian Scout custom build program was open to Indian Motorcycle dealers from around the world on a first-come, first-served basis.

“The Indian Scout has long been a favorite platform for custom builders, and the 2016 Scout continues that heritage with class-leading power and handling upon which customizers can build their ultimate vision,” said Indian Motorcycle Marketing Director Scott Meek. “Through this program we are giving our dealers around the world a global stage from which to demonstrate their creativity, and ultimately to write a new chapter in the legendary history of the Indian Scout.”

From now through January 15, 2016 each participating dealer will submit monthly photos reflecting their progress toward completion, which Indian Motorcycle will regularly highlight on its social media channels. Beginning on January 18, final custom build photos will begin being published and shared on the Indian Motorcycle website and social media channels and Indian Motorcycle fans will be allowed to vote for their favorites. This fan voting will continue through February 19, and on February 20 the top three finalists will be announced.

The top three Project Scout finalists as voted by Indian Motorcycle fans will receive an all-expenses-paid weekend trip to the 75th annual Daytona Bike Week for themselves plus a guest. Finally, Indian Motorcycle will host a special award ceremony in Daytona Beach during which a panel of celebrity judges will select the ultimate winner of the ‘Project Scout: Build a Legend’ program, and party goers will vote to determine the winner of the Fan Favorite award.

2016 Indian Scout Sixty with Accessories

Stay tuned to Indian Motorcycle’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram social media channels for contest updates and regular progress reports on each custom build project.

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The Boxer Twins: A fine pair of BMWs from K-Speed

A low-slung boxer BMW custom from K-Speed of Thailand.
Why are boxer BMWs so popular in the custom world? Availability is often cited as a reason: they’re tough and plentiful. But this is only true in some countries. In Thailand, for example, old airheads are very hard to come by.

Customized examples are even rarer in mainland SE Asia, since most owners opt to keep their bikes stock. So these two stunning boxers from K-Speed are a real delight to see.

A low-slung boxer BMW custom from K-Speed of Thailand.
Based in Bangkok, K-Speed is an established parts and accessories store with branches across the country. The owner goes by the name of ‘Eak’ and customizing bikes is his creative outlet. His partner Krieng picks up the story.

“Because vintage BMWs in Thailand are rare, the prices are very high—for an R69, the price goes over one million Baht!” (That’s US$28,000.)

A low-slung boxer BMW custom from K-Speed of Thailand.
“These two BMWs we bought in original condition. We chose these models, because the prices aren’t so high, and we like the vintage look of the engine.”

The bikes he’s referring to are a 1991 BMW R100R, and a 1985 BMW R80. And K-Speed’s done remarkable work on both.

A low-slung boxer BMW custom from K-Speed of Thailand.
First up is the R100R, dubbed the ‘R100 Bobster’ (above). It’s as bobbed as they come, with a chopped rear end and a floating solo seat arrangement.

K-Speed have slammed it too, by lowering the front forks and fitting a YSS shock out back. An 18” rear wheel’s been sourced to match the stock 18” front wheel—both are wrapped in Firestones.

A low-slung boxer BMW custom from K-Speed of Thailand.
The Bobster’s most distinguishing feature is its wavy fuel tank—borrowed from a Honda TL125.

Other bits include low-slung bars from the K-Speed catalogue, with Takegawa controls, minimal switchgear and a tiny LED speedo.

A low-slung boxer BMW custom from K-Speed of Thailand.
There’s a small headlight up front, with a new tail light peeking out from below the seat.

On the engine side, the boxer motor breathes through K&N filters, with a pair of megaphone mufflers capping things off.

A low-slung boxer BMW custom from K-Speed of Thailand.
The second—’R80 Brat Bobber’—is a 1985 BMW R80 (above). “We love the short and low style,” says Krieng. “So we did this one in a similar style to the first version, but with a bit higher seat.”

This time, K-Speed lowered the forks a tad less (the rear shock’s another YSS unit). And the seat and subframe are a little more substantial.

A low-slung boxer BMW custom from K-Speed of Thailand.
The tiny tank on the ‘Brat Bobber’ is a custom-made piece, but the bar and control combo is the same as on the ‘Bobster’. The new speedo, headlight and tail light are different parts though.

K-Speed left the airbox intact this time, fitting slightly shorter megaphone mufflers.

A low-slung boxer BMW custom from K-Speed of Thailand.
Both bikes have been painted in monochrome schemes, right down to some thorough refinishing work on the engines. And both fuel tanks are adorned with BMW roundels—a nice little hat tip to each bike’s heritage.

Finishes aside, these are not ‘precious’ builds. There’s a slight air of roughness to each, with just a dash of impracticality (note the lack of fenders).

A low-slung boxer BMW custom from K-Speed of Thailand.
But that’s just how we like our bobbers.

K-Speed website (if you speak Thai)

A low-slung boxer BMW custom from K-Speed of Thailand.

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Samurai Style Harleys Made In Switzerland By Bächli Harley-Heaven

Twenty five years ago, who could have imagined that the Japanese way of customizing v-twin motorcycles would strongly influence the worldwide custom motorcycle scene? Zero engineering, established in 1992 in Okazaki, Japan can be credited for exporting throughout the world…

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Custom Bikes of the Week

The best custom motorcycles of the week
A radical Le Mans from Auto Fabrica, the most stylish Yamaha XT660r we’ve ever seen, and an Indian Scout ready to race down the Bonneville Salt Flats. It’s been a bumper week.

Auto Fabrica Type 9 custom Moto Guzzi
Auto Fabrica Type 9 The lads at Auto Fabrica, Bujar and Gaz, have built one of the most impressive resumés in the custom scene to date. They’re consistent in their execution of exacting design, regardless of whether they’re transforming a Yamaha XS650, accentuating a BMW R80 or creating one of the most stunning Moto Guzzi Le Mans I’ve seen to date.

It’s the tailpiece of Type 9 that draws my eye first. In an industry famed for its insistence on a rear loop, Auto Fabrica’s spoiler-type rear is a breath of fresh aesthetic air. It’s fabricated from 2mm aluminum that has been doubled, shaped and rolled. Underneath are aluminum fins flanking the taillight, mirroring the cooling fins on the 850cc engine.

The tank was fabricated in-house and shaped on an English wheel—the smooth curves play off the sweeping exhaust perfectly. The purposeful voids showcasing the engine hint at a ride that is both refined and aggressive. [More]

Speedtractor's Kraftwerks XJR
Speedtractor’s Kraftwerks XJR Matt Roberts and the Tokyo-based Speedtractor crew have been building bikes since 2010. At first the intent was purely selfish—they built bikes for themselves only. But this quickly led to crafting rides for family and friends, and by 2013, they were taking orders for a growing client list.

‘Kraftwerks XJR’ is a self-described ‘bruiser’ of a machine that highlights the burgeoning abilities of the workshop. The tank is a vintage Ducati unit pulled from a personal collection, and then reworked to fit the Yamaha’s frame perfectly.

It’s the herringbone-patterned seat and the top yoke that are the main design touches, though. The seat hugs the rear loop sublimely and the stitch pattern is exquisite. (It scores extra points for having some actual padding, too, which goes to show comfort and style can co-exist.) The top yoke is a bespoke unit, crafted from alloy to seamlessly house the Motoscope Pro cluster that mimics the tanks folds flawlessly. [More]

Ellaspede Yamaha XT660r
Ellaspede Yamaha XT660r Hulking machines that promise the ability to go everywhere dominate the adventure bike market. And many require a 4-man crew to get them righted if a rider missteps. A smaller, lighter model would be a superior choice for most would-be Charlie Boormans out there—like this fully kitted Yamaha XT660r, from Ellaspede of Brisbane, Australia.

The client directive was to create an urban adventure bike: a motorcycle that would look and perform on rides to cafes, as well as 2700km trips across the Nullarbor Plain. To that end Ellaspede set to work crafting the no-nonsense belly pan, radiator shroud, swingarm panels and headlight shroud. There’s also a larger capacity tank, to help connect distant dots. The front tire was changed down a couple of inches to a 19-inch hoop, to lower the stance and enhance commuter duties. But the TKC80s it rides on are ready for anything. [More]

DuongDoan's Design Suzuki GN250
DuongDoan’s Design Suzuki GN250 This tidy little scrambler comes to us from Hanoi, Vietnam. DuongDoan’s is putting together a solid string of builds with a signature, fat-tired style worth keeping an eye on.

A Suzuki GN250 is the base for this build, but the frame has been heavily modified to accommodate the custom air-box and 1-into-2 bespoke exhaust. The tiny 4-valve thumper remains a stressed member, and although a sump guard would be a good idea for serious scrambling, the proportions of this bike exude character and fun. The requisite beak, fat bars and beefy headlight shroud give a rugged appearance— accentuated even more by the stubby but plush seat and the chunky rubber.

The positioning of the pegs has me wondering if comfort is best in a seated or standing position, but I bet it would be a blast to find out. [More]

Indian Black Bullet Scout
Indian Black Bullet Scout The revived Indian Scout is by all accounts a phenomenal bike. It’s got a refined chassis, a competent 100hp V-Twin, and braking and suspension components that exceed expectations—a package that needs no improvement. But motorcycles aren’t always about ‘needs’ though, are they?

This Black Bullet Scout is the product of Jeb Scolman, the same craftsman that delivered The Spirit of Munro. It’s not a focused salt flat racer, but the Black Bullet looks like it’s moving at Mach III even when parked. The flowing lines of the headlight shroud continue beautifully through the stretched-teardrop tank and rigid rear end. Everything is hand made and every component is metal. The whole package would appear slippery were it not for that hulking, industrial 1,133cc powerplant in full display.

Indian will be showing Scolman’s Black Bullet at Sturgis in 2016, and they’ve said it will also get a run at Bonneville—which is exactly why Scolman built it with a rigid frame. In a word, it’s awesome. [More]

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Motorcycle Protective Underwear Review Comparison

We compare the Bohn Bodyguard CoolAir and Airtex armored shirts with the Forcefield EX-K Harness Flite Plus Level 2.

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New From RC Components. The RCX Hellbenders 2 Into 2 Header System.

The RCX Hellbenders are the newest system added to the RCX Exhaust product line. This 2-into2 header system features interesting engineering and design. Unlike anything you’ve seen on the market today it offers smooth radius bends that are surrounded by 2.5″…

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Davida Introduces New Rich Nut Brown Leather Helmet Interiors

Every Davida helmet, whether it’s a Jet, Ninety 2, Speedster or Classic, in every one of the 100 different Davida Colors, can now be fitted with our new beautifully rich Nut Brown leather lining. Davida’s luxurious fully leather lined helmets use only the best aniline…

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