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Bikes Are No Longer Just for Dudes

The world of motorcycles is always growing and evolving to meet the needs and desires of consumers. But some of that growth might surprise a lot of riders. As a female rider, I honestly would not have estimated that nearly 20% of all bike owners in the United States are ladies. But that is exactly what the Motorcycle Industry Council discovered during its latest poll.

The 2018 MIC Motorcycle/ATV Owners Survey found that 19% of all owners are female, which is a 5% increase in just four years, and a substantial 9% increase over the 2009 results. And though the actual numbers could be considered surprising, this is nothing but great news for all of the ladies out there who are dedicated riders.

Strength In Numbers

One of the greatest benefits to female riders as a result of their increase in numbers is definitely the increase in ladies gear. Its simple supply and demand, but in this case, the increased supply is driven by the greater demand for quality riding gear made specifically for the body types, shapes and sizes of female riders.

For many years, women tolerated the guy’s gear which tended to be too big in the shoulders and length of the sleeves and legs, but too tight in the seat and waist areas. But for the most part, ladies were not investing much in true riding gear, because they were often just a part-time passenger on a bike.

However, as more and more ladies discovered the thrill and enjoyment of actually operating a motorcycle, the need for comfortable, and more importantly, safe gear became apparent.

Ladies on The Job

Bike ownership is not the only place that the gender barrier has been broken. There have also been huge strides made in the motorcycle industry and the gear industry as more ladies are working in the design and development of gear specific to female riders. The result has been a huge improvement in the fit and comfort of riding gear for ladies. And with better fitting gear female riders are safer operators and are enjoying the benefits of better protection and safety from the gear that they are wearing.

Gear for All Sizes

I am very fortunate to have been able to adapt and wear some of the guy’s gear fairly comfortably. At 5’10” tall I never had to worry that even a men’s small was going to be too big. But petite ladies have always had a difficult time finding gear for sports and other activities. In the past, I know it was common for ladies to turn to boys athletic equipment and gear to get a size that was more realistic than a men’s small.

However, motorcycle riding, being an adult activity, meant that even that poor substitute for correctly sized gear was not an option. But with the growing number of ladies riding and spending their hard earned money on ladies gear, the manufacturers have expanded the options to cover not only a ladies line of gear but a line of gear that has a huge range of sizes and shapes available.

Ladies can now shop for gear in much the same way they shop for other clothing. And I know we all appreciate that not only are there assorted sizes and shapes but also colors and patterns that appeal to us. Let’s be honest, guys will wear all black, all the time, but ladies really do care about having other choices.

I will admit that I have even bought some gear specifically because it matched my bike, so color choices do appeal to me. Just to get an idea of what’s out there now for the ladies, I looked at Revzilla’s search criteria which include a sizing qualification. I found options ranging in size from 2XS to 5XL. In addition, there are plus sizes and standard ladies sizes from 4 to 20.

Ladies Jackets

I went to Revzilla and clicked on the tab for the women’s gear. I must admit I was a little surprised, but also very happy to see a full dozen categories to choose from including jackets, race suits, and boots. My first selection was the jackets and vests category, which yielded an impressive 291 options to choose from. Names such as Alpinestars, Cortech, Dainese, Fly, Icon, Joe Rocket and Kilm were among the more notables from a list of over 45 manufacturers.

I checked out a few brands that I am familiar with and found that currently, Revzilla offers 30 different women’s Alpinestars jackets, as well as 30 choices from Dianese. Joe Rocket and Klim offer a dozen ladies coats each and Icon offers 24. Granted, there are over 400 choices for men when it comes to just sportbike jackets, but 291 ladies jackets are a great many more choices now than there were offered just a few years ago.

A Tougher Choice

Jackets are a critical piece of gear for every rider and the wide number of selections for ladies is awesome, but I wanted to check out a piece of gear that might not have a great demand, to see if there really are any more choices than there had been in the past. I clicked on race suits expecting to find one or two selections but was excited to see a dozen choices offered by three great manufacturers.

Alpinestars, Dainese, and Spidi combine to offer nine one piece race suit options and three two-piece choices for the ladies who are looking to get out on a track and really push their bikes and their riding skills to the limit. The suits are very comparable to what is available in men’s suits with the price range of just over $700 to a top of the line model for $2,499.95.

In the case of racing suits, even with less demand, the motorcycle gear industry has recognized that ladies need quality gear that fits and more than just one or two pieces to choose from. This is a major breakthrough for female riders on the track, on the road and on trials everywhere.

Not only was I happy to see that most of the major manufacturers are offering a great variety for ladies but also that retailers are equally as interested in winning the dollars of the female riding community. Not too many years ago, only a very few retailers were willing to stock the ladies gear, but that has all changed as more ladies are owning bikes and buying quality gear.

Andria Yu, MIC director of communications at the Motorcycle Industry Council stated in a recent interview that as the number of boomers on bikes decreases, the percentage of female riders is expected to hit 25% very quickly. That is great news for all of the ladies who ride or are thinking about learning to ride as they will certainly be able to find quality gear that is both comfortable and safe.

Be sure to check back with WBW in the coming weeks to read about Ladies Jackets Worth Wearing. This will offer a more in-depth look at several ladies jackets and the features and benefits that they offer in addition to proper fit and comfort.

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Benefits of Motorcycle Riding Later In Life

When you picture your golden years, you might never have imagined that some of your best days would be spent cruising around on a motorcycle, but that is exactly what more and more people are doing later in life.

California Department of Motor Vehicles data shows that baby boomers make up 56 percent of the almost 1.4 million Californians licensed to operate motorcycles, while only 30 percent of Class M licenses are held by people ages 16 through 40. There are many factors that might contribute to the larger number of older riders.

Why Start Riding

After 40 is the time when most parents become empty nesters, which affords not only more time to enjoy hobbies like motorcycle riding but also the disposable income that can make owning a recreational vehicle like a bike or a trike possible.

After a decade or two of cruising around in family-friendly minivans and SUV’s from soccer practice to dance class and every other extra-curricular activity, motorcycles are a great way for a couple to reconnect and begin to explore the sites, scenery, and activities that they didn’t have time to enjoy when raising a family.

A Great Way to Unplug

For most people, a motorcycle represents freedom and even that little bit of rebellion that we all hope is still alive somewhere inside the responsible adults that we have become. Just taking a few hours for an afternoon ride can leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

Riding offers you time to unplug from email, text messages and the rest of the world to focus just on what is around the next curve. And taking a long weekend just to explore and unwind can feel as good as any week of vacation that you can recall. There are actually some very simple reasons why bike enthusiasts experience this clarity after a ride.

Mental Benefits

Dr. Michael Russell has been riding motorcycles for over four decades and has witnessed many of the mental health benefits of riding over his career. He refers to riding as a meditative activity as he explained in an interview earlier this year.

“The attention needed to ride safely but with ‘energy’ requires near complete concentration,” he explains. “The mental demands of riding can help keep your mind clear and sharp, while the brotherhood that exists among bikers is very genuine. Riding with brothers (and sisters) provides significant psychological relief from excessive worry.”

Physical Benefits

In addition to mental health benefits, riding also offers some very important physical health benefits. Riders need to maintain at least a minimal level of physical fitness to enjoy riding. There is some walking involved, as well as the fitness level needed to get on and off the bike, don riding gear and to have the stamina for the ride itself.

Riding also requires a certain degree of strength and balance, which is used and practices with each adventure. And possibly the biggest physical health benefit is that motorcycle riders need to have quick reflexes to avoid possible dangers.

As mature adults, we all know and understand that staying in good shape will help to keep our reflexes faster which will also help to keep us alive in the event of a car suddenly stopping or swerving into our lane.

Making Smart Choices

And that same mature thought process is also what we all rely on to tell us when we have reached the time to make some changes in our riding or to close that chapter of our lives. It is critical that each rider be honest with himself or herself about both physical and mental capabilities needed to ride safely.

This can mean electing not to join the group for a ride on a cool day when a trick hip is giving you problems or when you are experiencing some vision issues. Or it could mean that it’s time to trade in two wheels for three.

Three-Wheeled Options

Trikes are the large three-wheeled motorcycles that many older riders are turning to for the added stability and comfort that they offer. In addition to the added comfort for riders, these larger yet still sporty vehicles offer a multitude of storage and cargo capacity as compared to a two-wheeler. This makes them a great option for an overnight trip or a long weekend.

The Can-Am Spyder and the Polaris Slingshot have also entered the three-wheeled arena as rivals to the trike industry leading Tri Glide and Freewheeler models from Harley Davidson.

Check Out the Market

What might surprise some riders who are considering the addition of a third wheel, is the cost of these bikes. The cruiser touring models of the Spyder line start at just over $26,000 while the Slingshots come in at about $20,000 for a base model. And as always, the Harley holds an impressive price tag at over $34,000 for a new Tri Glide Ultra.

To put this into perspective, the average sport touring two-wheel bike will run you between $10,000 and $15,000 in the states, while the superbikes are going to come in at anywhere from $15,000 to north of $30,000 depending on the brand and your need for speed.

Live the Dream

Regardless of the type of bike that you choose, the point is that just because you are a little bit older does not mean that you can’t become a motorcycle rider or continue to ride. Older riders simply need to be honest about both physical and mental capabilities and make smart choices about when to ride and even what to ride.

There are many options that can offer more comfort, easier maneuvering and require far less balance and strength sport bikes or large cruises. Riders just need to find the perfect bike to fit their needs later in life so that they can begin to continue to enjoy all of the benefits of motorcycle riding.

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Shuberth R2 Enforcer Helmet Hands-On Review

Some First Impressions

I always wear a full face helmet just because I ride in an environment that has a lot of sand and rock and the full face protection is appreciated. Putting this helmet on for the first time, it was snug but still very comfortable. The fit is secure but not so tight that you dread the first few rides to break it in.

I read a few negative comments regarding the chinstrap and the double D-ring closure but found the strap to be perfect in length and easy to secure with the d rings and snap. And in fact, I really like that Schuberth uses two slightly different shapes for the d rings which makes them very easy to secure by touch only.

The only thing that I questioned from the first time that I handled the R2 were the two vents. The vent on the chin is very easy to open, almost too easy. The larger vent on the top of the helmet does not move quite a freely as the chin vent, but both are made of plastic and I am not sure of the durability. Just from the feel and sound tapping on the two vents, I feel like this might be the one weak point of the Schuberth R2 Enforcer.

The R2 Enforcer is offered in XS to 2XL and is finished in four color schemes. The red version also includes black and white as does the grey helmet. Both the yellow and the green versions include black and grey but no white.

I went with the red, black and white and love both the look and the function of this helmet. The helmet is an intermediate oval which is the most common shape for helmets in the North American market, and it weighs in at just 3.27 pounds. And in my case, the fit was just as I expected and the sizing is very true.

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Reasonable Pricing

The R2 Enforcer helmet sells for $569.00 which is a few hundred cheaper than many of the other Schuberth full face helmets. And the fact that this helmet is already set up for the addition of the Schuberth comm system makes the price even more reasonable. In addition, a unique process used to construct the shell of the R2 makes it very strong by also very lightweight for a helmet in this price range.

R2 Enforcer Design & Features

Fit & Comfort

Fit and comfort are important in a helmet because if it is not comfortable, riders will not wear it. In the United States, only 19 states have a universal motorcycle helmet law requiring all riders to wear an approved helmet. So in the remaining 31 states riders can choose to wear a helmet or take the chance and not wear a helmet. And a major complaint of those riders who don’t wear a helmet is their comfort. The Schuberth R2 is a truly affordable option that provides both comfort and protection.

Front view of Schuberth R2 cheek and face padding

The Schuberth R2 is a very easy helmet to put on and take off. The chin strap folds back nicely and it is easy to slip the helmet on. And once it is on your head, it fits snuggly but not so tight that you will have pressure points or a headache after a long ride. The comfort liner is made from a material called ShinyTex which is antimicrobial, washable and fast drying. An added benefit is that the liner is seamless so there will be no issues with abrasion.

One feature that was an awesome surprise to me was the integrated channel that is on each side of the helmet for those of us who wear glasses. This made it really easy to put my glasses on after securing the helmet.

I ordered an XS and it fit me perfectly. I was able to put it on without feeling like I was ripping off my ears, but once it was on, the pads were secure against my cheeks. I also felt the pads fitting snugly all the way around my head with no gaps or overly tight areas. I could easily secure the chin strap and snap the end in place without any overly large loop. I have had some helmets with the quick release strap in the past but have never really embraced them, so the double D-ring connection is perfect for me.

Schuberth double -D closure

I ride a sportbike and I tend to stay in a fairly aggressive tuck most of the time. Several other helmets that I have tested extended further down the back of my neck making it difficult to tuck and have my head in a comfortable position. The back of the helmet would rest on the back protector in my jacket and force my head forward.

The R2 is definitely shaped to accommodate an aggressive posture and head position very comfortably. Overall the fit and comfort are just what I hoped for and expected from a Schuberth.

Rear view of Schuberth R2 showing the contour along the back of the helmet to allow for an aggressive riding position

Outer Shell

The outer shell of the R2 Enforcer is made of DFP fiberglass, but it is the unique construction process that makes the R2 special.

Direct Fiber Processing uses a continuous strand of glass yarn that is precision cut by a robot and blown into the helmet shell mold. Then an exact amount of resin and heat are added under high pressure to create a shell that is superior in strength and durability to other fiberglass helmet shells, The process also ensures that the material is distributed exactly and the shell is uniform in thickness.

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webBikeWorld has worked closely with RevZilla over the years to provide our testers with products to review. In addition to being a great site to shop from, they’re also a great partner.


Free shipping on orders over $40
30-day no-nonsense return policy
Excellent selection of all major brands
Awesome pricing

Buy This Helmet on RevZilla

Field Of Vision

One of my favorite features of the R2 is the huge field of vision. I never felt that my vision was restricted when I was riding as I glanced down at my gauges or when I was looking forward. In addition, the viewport extends further than most helmets that I have worn.

I never at any point felt that the helmet opening was limited my peripheral vision or my ability to look to the side when turning or changing lanes. I found that I was barely able to rotate my eyes to the side far enough to even see the edge of the helmet opening.

Schuberth R2 large viewport for unobstructed vision


The R2 Enforcer comes with a clear visor and there is no integrated sun visor. However, there is a tinted visor that can be purchased if you want to change out the clear visor that is shipped with the helmet. Large thumb tabs on each side of the visor make opening and closing simple and fast. I never had any issues with the visor not locking into one of the five positions, including fully closed.

The anti-fog system worked great when I was out for an early morning ride. But, if for some reason you are not a fan of the anti-fog screen, you can remove it by just snapping it out of the visor.

 Schuberth R2 visor 5 position locking mechanism


The airflow in the R2 Enforcer is very good. For a full face helmet, I found it to allow for a lot of air movement. My concern is with the actual construction of the vents themselves. The chin vent is very easy to open by pushing on the lower portion of the vent. In fact, I found that it actually was very easy to accidentally open the vent when I was reaching for the visor. When I was riding with the chin visor open, I also noticed that the wind would begin to close the vent at high speeds.

Schuberth R2 with chin and top vent open for airflow

The vent on the top of the helmet is about 2.75 inches across and allows for good airflow as well. Again, the vent is really easy to open and close, but that makes me wonder how well they will hold up with regular use. Both vents are plastic and feel inexpensive as compared to the rest of the helmet surface. Just tapping on the vents with my finger makes me think that one rock hit and they will shatter.

My Shoei has vents in similar locations and the vent covers are not just plain plastic. They have a hard coating on them much like the rest of the helmet which I believe adds a great deal of durability. Only time will tell, and if this becomes an issue, I will add an amendment to this post.

With the vents closed and the visor closed, this is one of the quietest helmets that I have ever worn. And even with the vents open, there was not annoying whistling sound or sound of rushing air. I do not have an SC1 communication system, so I did not test the sound quality of the comms or the pre-installed speaker and microphone.

SC1 System

Schuberth R2 integrated speaker for the SC1 comm system
The R2 helmets come equipped with a speaker and microphone that is designed to accommodate the SC1 system. This makes the pairing as simple as plug and play. There is also an integrated antenna that wraps around the inside of the helmet shell which allows for greater distance between users without an external antenna. The SC1 standard system is available for $229 while the advanced system is $349. Both can be purchased at Revzilla.

Schuberth R2 base showing port covers for the SC1 comms system

The Verdict?

I had high expectations for my first experience with a Schuberth helmet and the R2 Enforcer did not disappoint. I was surprised to find a pre-wired Schuberth for under $600. This means that even after purchasing the communication system, the total investment in this helmet would be just under $800 unless you go for the upgraded comms, then you are spending just over $900.

The Enforcer graphics and color schemes take this helmet a little closer to the wild side than most Schuberth helmets but you still get all of the safety and quality that Schuberth is known for throughout the industry. The Schuberth R2 Enforcer is a great helmet for the price due to the quality, comfort, and top of the line features.

The Schuberth R2 Enforcer is a great choice for a mid-range priced helmet that offers many top-of-the-line features. The ability to integrate the Schuberth SC1 communication system by simply dropping in the battery and the module into the outer shell of the helmet makes this a simple solution for anyone who wants an easy comm system and superior protection from a single helmet.

Clearly, Schuberth understands that not everyone can afford a $1,000 plus helmet, but every rider deserves the opportunity to wear a helmet that offers great safety, comfort and some high-end features. The R2 Enforcer is here to meet the needs of the riders who thought that the Schuberth quality was not possible within their budget.


  • Light Weight
  • DFP Fiberglass Shell
  • DOT Compliant
  • Aerodynamic
  • Extra wide viewport
  • Anti-fog system
  • Removable/ washable lining
  • True sizing
  • Quiet
  • Pre-wired for SC1 comm system with speakers, microphone, & integrated antennae
  • Affordable
  • DOT approved


  • Chin vent is unstable
  • Vent durability is questionable


  • Manufacturer: Schuberth
  • Price (When Tested): $569.00
  • Made In: Germany
  • Alternative models & colors: grey, red, yellow and green
  • Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL
  • Review Date: February 2019

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webBikeWorld has worked closely with RevZilla over the years to provide our testers with products to review. In addition to being a great site to shop from, they’re also a great partner.


Free shipping on orders over $40
30-day no-nonsense return policy
Excellent selection of all major brands
Awesome pricing

Buy This Helmet on RevZilla

Shuberth R2 Enforcer Helmet Image Gallery

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Matrix Alpha Streetfighter Helmet Hands-On Review

Some Less Than Pleasant Surprises

I was really looking forward to testing this helmet due to the lightness. I am religious about wearing a full face helmet and the lighter the better. I also was very interested in the airflow thinking that the Matrix Alpha Streetfighter had the potential to be my go-to helmet for the hot summers here in Phoenix.

The Alpha Streetfighter offers a large chin bar with two large vent openings on each side of the helmet. Most helmets offer a single vent in the center of the chin bar and the Alpha Streetfighter looked like it would provide far more airflow even at lowers speeds on city streets.

The Alpha Streetfighter, as well as the Street FX Streetfighter the other fiberglass helmet offered by Matrix, are both offered in a high gloss white or a matte black finish. The sizes range from XS to XXL. And the standard visor on the Streetfighter is a 3mm adjustable dark race style visor. A quick release micrometric buckle secures the helmet.

Reasonable Pricing

The helmet sells for just under $250.00 USD. But this is subject to change due to the exchange rate as the matrix produces are sold from the UK. When I entered my shipping address, the website estimated my shipping to be an additional $32.00 roughly bringing the total cost of the helmet to around $280. This price range puts the Alpha Streetfighter in the mid-range for helmets in the United States and a relatively reasonable cost for a quality helmet.

Fit, Comfort, & Sizing

Fit and comfort are important qualities of any piece of riding gear but size is possibly the most critical for a motorcycle helmet. And because riders need to order this helmet without having any way to try on a sample before the purchase, I feel that accurate sizing and sizing information on the website is critical.

When I put on the Alpha Streetfighter for the first time I was relatively disheartened as I knew immediately that this helmet was not a good fit for me as it felt very loose across my cheeks. I was able to grab the chin bar and slide the helmet up and down several inches.

My hope was that once I secured the chin strap, the helmet would feel more secure and that I would begin to get more comfortable with the fit. This was my first experience with the quick release chin strap fastener and I was thinking that I would really like this simple but useful feature.

As it turned out, muscle memory for the old standard double D ring closure is fairly ingrained in me and the quick release was not really much quicker, but it felt odd. Knowing that I would need to really snug the helmet down with the chin strap, I shortened the strap as much as possible before buckling it. To my dismay, the strap hung a good two finger widths below my chin.

The cheek pads in the Alpha Streetfighter are a good 1.5 inches thick and are removable but the rest of the helmet has only a thin poly liner which appears to be held in place with a matte adhesive or possibly double-sided tape. From what I could tell the liner is not removable which means that it is also not washable or replaceable.


Overall, I was very disappointed with the fit and sizing of the helmet. I have worn assorted  Icon, Schuberth, Scorpion helmets and never had an issue with the sizing. I did double back to the website to see if I had misinterpreted the Matrix sizing but the XS is listed as 53-54 cm which is pretty standard.

I also doubled back to look at the helmet, the box and the documentation included in my order to verify that I was shipped the correct size. The box was labeled XS but I was unable to find a size listed inside the helmet or on the packing slip enclosed in the order. My assumption is that I did receive an XS but that the product runs large.

Field of Vision

As I mentioned earlier, I am a die hard full face helmet rider. As such, I am willing to accept a little reduction in my field of vision to get the added protection. I understand that I need to turn my head further to see to the sides and also behind me. But I have never worn a helmet that was so restrictive when looking straight ahead.

The opening at the bridge of the nose is only 1.75 inches and the largest portion of the opening is 2.25 inches which are located about mid cheek.


Peripheral vision is limited to about 1.5 inches at the far left and right of the opening. I found the vision very limited and felt the need to really crank my head around to get a good look when making a turn or changing lanes. There was no way to quickly glance back. Instead, I needed to shift my entire body and rotate at the waist to get a decent view of what was around me.

Chinbar Concerns

This limited field of vision also brought up another concern. The chin bar on this helmet is huge. Normally, I have a very difficult time getting my hand inside my helmet to scratch my nose or touch my lips, but in the Alpha Streetfighter, I can slide my entire hand in front of my face and reach my forehead. In some instances that could be considered a benefit, but it can also create an issue.

When turning my head, the front of the chin bar was hitting and catching on the shoulder armor on my jacket. My only solution was to look up as I turned my head and then let the bottom of the chin bar rest on my shoulder which caused the helmet to move on my head. As I turned back to a forward facing position I then had to readjust the helmet to look forward and not be looking into the arched nose portion of the chin bar.


When looking forward, the large chin bar becomes a big obstacle. In a normal riding position, I was able to look forward and see the road clearly but could not shift my eyes down to see even the top of my windscreen.

Vision Obstacle

To look at any gauges on my bike I needed to tilt my head down enough that I was no longer looking at the road in front of me. With any other helmet I have ever worn, I might have needed to move my head slightly, but I could still glance down to the gauges while still seeing some of the road.

Overall, I was very uncomfortable with the limited vision that this helmet offers. I had a feeling of tunnel vision that reminded me of when I first learned to ride. It took some time to learn the skills needed to be a safe rider and to look around and take in all of my surroundings to know what was coming and what my alternatives were in a worst-case scenario.

I feel that wearing this helmet took away my ability to really be looking at the big picture to be the safest rider that I could possibly be.


The Alpha Streetfighter visor is tinted and 3mm thick. There are three positions that the locking mechanism offers.

Riders can have the visor completely open, lowered so that there is about an inch gap between the bottom of the visor and the top of the chin bar or the visor can be fully closed. I rode most of the time with the visor fully closed as I was wearing clear prescription glasses, not sunglasses, and I did notice that there was a thin line of sunlight coming in under the visor.


Sure-Lock Visor System Open & Closed

The Sure-Lock system on the visor is basically a pin on the helmet and a hole in the visor. There is an angle to the edge of the visor that is designed to be a tab to move the visor.

I found it virtually impossible to secure the visor with one hand when I was riding and equally as difficult to open the visor when it was secured with one hand. Part of the issue with opening the visor was related to the fact that the helmet was very loose and would move when I tried to unlatch the Sure-Lock pin system.

A Little Discovery

It wasn’t until I got home and looked more closely at the front of the Alpha Streetfighter that I discovered that the visor does not fit the helmet correctly and sits offset to one side. That could account for some of the light getting past the visor as well as the difficulty in trying to align the pin and hole in the visor to get it locked and unlocked.



As expected, the air flow in this helmet is very good in the face area of the helmet. The extended chin bar and the large vent openings allow for a ton of air to enter the front of the helmet. Unfortunately, there is no way to control the amount of air. Also, the lack of vents in the top of the helmet will result in a pretty sweaty head in the summertime.

The gap between the visor and the front of the helmet also created a whistle at higher speeds. I was able to eliminate the whistle by opening the visor to the setting of about an inch open but that created some additional light and glare. The large opening at the bottom of the helmet did make this helmet overall more loud than most others that I have worn.

The Verdict?

I had high expectations for the Matrix Alpha Streetfighter as soon as I picked it up. I was hoping for a great lightweight summer helmet with great airflow. In fact, the helmet is very lightweight and does offer a lot of airflow due to the very large opening at the base of the helmet to accommodate the very large chin bar.

But I could not get past the poor sizing of the helmet and the fact that it created the feeling of tunnel vision. In addition, the ill-fitting visor made me wonder about the quality of the parts and construction that was not visible.

To be fair to the Alpha Streetfighter and the manufacturer, I hope that a properly fitting helmet would eliminate some of the comfort issues that I experienced as well as aiding in the used of the Sure-Lock visor system. But the field of vision will always be too tight for my comfort.

The Matrix website clearly states that the Alpha Streetfighter helmet as suitable to, “Test the limits of your sport bike, sprint car, or go-kart in this commanding composite helmet!” And while I disagree with the helmet’s function as in the motorcycle use case, it could be the perfect protection for a sprint car or a go-kart where you keep your head fairly stationary. But in my opinion, the Alpha Streetfighter is not a great choice for motorcycle riders.


  • Light Weight
  • Fiberglass Shell
  • DOT Compliant
  • Considerable


  • Poor Sizing-VERY large extra small
  • Extremely limited field of vision
  • Visor Is Difficult to adjust with one hand
  • Chin strap is too long and does not secure the helmet
  • Visor does not close completely to block out light


  • Manufacturer: Matrix
  • Price (When Tested): ~$250 USD (depending on exchange rate plus shipping)
  • Made In: China and Vietnam
  • Alternative models & colors: black matte and gloss white
  • Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL
  • Review Date: January 2019

Matrix Alpha Streetfighter Helmet Image Gallery

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Aerostich Women’s R-3 One Piece Suit Review

A Pleasant Suitprise

Looking for the Right One

I love trying out new gear and this was the first taste of riding suits for me with a long term hands-on test, so I will admit to being pretty excited. But as I looked at the website, my excitement began to wain as I discovered that I was a bit confused about what to order.

There is always a level of uncertainty when placing an order for an item without trying it on or having a great frame of reference, and with a price tag of over a grand, I wanted to make the right choice to ensure a fair test of their gear but also my continued fun and enjoyment of putting the R-3 to the test.

So this is my one ding on Aerostich and as you noted above, it accounted for .01% of my overall impression of the company. The online sizing guides are all for the Roadcrafter (the R-3 in my case) is all in men’s sizes even though they offer ladies suits. In their defense, they do have a note in big red letters saying to call the listed 800 number for assistance with ladies sizing. And I hate to admit it but I was reluctant, due to my stubborn streak. But in fairness to the product, I made the mature choice and made the call.

Working With the Aerostich Team

In my opinion, every company and every person makes mistakes. That’s just what happens from time to time as humans. But what really defines a person or a company in my mind is how they handle those mistakes. Granted, I would have loved a ladies size chart and the ability to click a button, order my suit and go on with my day but had that occurred I would have missed out on an awesome experience.

My call was answered by Jill, an awesome member of the Aerostich team. She was able to talk me through the initial sizing process as well as the overall ordering process. I must also add here that I was very happy to speak to about the sizing issues and questions that I had about their products. I didn’t expect to speak to a woman and was dreading trying to explain certain aspects of fit to a guy. Somehow I always feel like my concerns about pinching and tightness in the thigh and seat area don’t compare to a guys concern with pinching in the crotch area.

Fortunately, I avoided that debate by speaking to Jill. And after we came to an agreement on the size that I needed, she asked to place me on a brief hold to double check out the selection with another lady on the team who has a great deal of experience in ladies sizing. It was a true team effort but we agreed and I was ready to check out the sample suit that was being sent to me.

Aerostich is really all about providing a custom fit for their apparel which is great for riders who are investing in these top quality pieces of gear. The first step was the sizing but the item that was being shipped to me was only a sample in a generic size that I was to test fit. When it arrived I tried it on, sat on my bike and tried to decide exactly what I liked and didn’t like about the fit. Again, Jill was a wealth of information in determining what I needed as opposed to what I thought I wanted.

She suggested that I send her pictures of me wearing the suit in a riding position as well as just standing so that her team could evaluate the fit. From those pictures and my comments about bunching and bulk in some areas, they were able to explain to me exactly what I needed.

Wearing the sample suit standing up and in a riding position

Custom Alterations for the Perfect Fit

As it turned out I needed the size that they recommended but with the following custom alterations:

  • Additional forward rotated sleeves
  • Custom sleeve length by adding .5 inches above and below the elbow
  • Custom leg length by adding .5 inches above and below the knee

When MY suit arrived just a short time later, I was blown away with the fit from the alterations that I thought were minor by truly created a customized suit for me. I have never had another gear experience that even came close to working with Jill and the entire Aerostich team.

The closest that I can come to comparing the experience is buying a Mercedes vs. a Maybach. Both are reputable products, but the level of customization and customer service provided with a Maybach is just in a class by itself. There are features and added extras that no one else offers and that is how I look at the R-3 from Aerostich.

Reasonable Pricing

The R-3 sells for $1,197.00 which sounds somewhat steep until you look at other riding suites from Klim or FXR that can range from $675 to $1,299.99 and you are buying an off the rack suit that will fit, um, ok I guess if you are lucky. And as you read on you will learn that the size is not all that you can customize on your R-3 suit. But what it really comes down to is that for just under $1,200, you are getting a quality product for your money, and one that is made in the United States.

Aerostich R-3 One Piece Suit Features


The R-3 is a 100% waterproof riding suit that is designed to be worn over street clothes. This model is unlined for added comfort without sacrificing durability and waterproof quality.

The fabric is Aerostich’s exclusive mil-spec 500d Cordura GORE-TEX which is highly abrasion resistant. There is also a double layer of this fabric across the seat for added protection. The elbow, should and knee areas are covered with an additional layer of 1000d to reduce the potential for injuries in the event of a slide.

Fit & Comfort

Fit and comfort are not going to get any better than with a custom-tailored riding suit. This feature eliminates a lot of the issues that many riders, especially the ladies encounter when buying gear. Most ladies find it challenging enough to find separate pants and a jacket that fit so the thought of a full riding suit is a bit unrealistic. The challenge is normally large enough hips and bust area without sleeves and pant legs that need to be cut off or rolled up. But the Aerostich process provides a great alternative.

What I will add is that the fabric is thick and somewhat rigid when the suit is new. It’s similar to wearing new blue jeans or a new leather jacket that needs to be broken in. But with more wear, the suit becomes more and more comfortable and customized to the shape of your body and its motions. Invest the time in breaking in this suit and barring an accident, you will have a great riding suit for life.

Starting At the Top

The R-3 offers a fold-down dual height collar that will tuck inside the back of a helmet on cold wet days and secure at the front with a velcro strap or it can be folded down in nice weather.

But you don’t need to worry about that extra large collar becoming an annoyance in the wind thanks to the removable rare earth magnets that are in the collar and the chest of the suit. The collar tips lock in place and remain there even when you are enjoying a nice pace on the open road. Three additional snaps secure the rest of the collar when it is folded down.

The shoulders are the first place you will encounter the TF3 viscoelastic impact armor. This unique material provides more resistance to the harder and faster it is struck. This allows the armor to remain soft and pliable when riding but instantly become far more resistant on impact to provide you with maximum protection and comfort. The same TF3 armor is inserted in the elbows as well.

The cuffs offer zipper closures and ample velcro for adjusting to fit over any size or configuration on gloves that you might choose to wear.

Not Only Custom But Modular

As you might expect in a custom riding suit, the armor is also pretty easily customized as far as the locations of the shoulder, elbow and knee pads. A huge amount of velcro is offered in the suit to allow riders to relocate and refit the armor as needed. This not only adds to the comfort of the suit while riding but also the safety benefit in the event of an accident. This is just one more feature that is not offered in most off the rack suits but is a part of what you get for your money with the R-3.

Ending on the Bottom

Due to the customized sizing, the seat area of this suit is amazingly comfortable when riding. Space is ample for a relaxed riding position as well as a more sporty racing tuck is you are intent on making up some time. There is also a panel of velcro for riders who would like to purchase the optional hip protection which is also a TF3 material. At the back of the waist, there are large velcro adjustable straps for customization above and beyond the level of the elastic.

The knee protection mimics the elbow and shoulder protection in that it is TF3 and very adjustable to meet the needs of different riding positions on different bikes or even different street clothes worn under the suit. The pant leg cuffs offer a snap closure as well as velcro for a fully customized fit.

Easy Access

A big factor in the level of satisfaction with a riding suit is how easy it is to put on and take off. Aerostich did not miss this important bit of news. The R-3 offers a full zipper that runs from the collar to the cuff of the left leg. The right leg offers a zipper from the cuff to the top of the thigh. The recommended “entry’ into the suit is far less complicated than you might imagine. With both the full zipper and the right leg zipper fully open, simply step into the right leg and lift the suit up to put it on your upper body like a jacket.

The full-length zipper is actually a double pull zipper so that you can have an opening at the bottom of the leg if you wish as well as being able to zip down a bit from the collar. An unexpected bonus is that the zipper starts at the collar rather than the leg cuff so you are not trying to bend over and “start” the zipper down by your feet once you have the suit on. Aerostich includes a page of tips with the suit and one of them advises to suit up a few times in front of a mirror so that you can develop muscle memory for starting the zipper.

Pockets & Storage

The R-3 is a little like one of those pictures where you have to find the hidden items only here you are discovering the amazing amount of storage and cargo space that are worked into this riding suit. The pockets begin with an exterior chest pocket on the left that is secured by a reflective flap with velcro. This pocket also conceals a mini-carabiner helmet holder. The right chest area offers a large zipper pocket that offers a pocket within a pocket to keep your phone secure.

The two front cargo pockets offer velcro secured top flap closures and conceal side access pockets as well. And the final flap on each hip is a cover for the water-resistant zipper openings which allow access to pants pockets but block out any moisture. There is also an additional outside pocket on the right leg just above the knee which is secured with a zipper. The final pocket is located on the right forearm and has a zipper closure.

In addition to the myriads of external storage, Aerostich offers a set of three optional inner pockets which attach to the velcro panels inside the R-3. These pockets can be purchased individually or as a set of three. All of these pocket offer velcro closures.


On the back of the R3, between the shoulder inset is a large reflective flap which doubles as the cover for the area air vent zipper (below). This zipper opens from both sides toward the center to allow for balanced airflow and to eliminate billowing in the back of the suit. The rear air vent along with the waterproof zippers under each arm allows for a huge amount of air flow to your upper body in hot weather.


In cooler weather, all three vents can be closed for warmth and will remain waterproof until they are opened. The dual pull main zipper also allows you to open both the neck area and the lower left leg for added airflow. The right leg zipper can also be opened at the cuff to allow for more airflow.

The zippers at the sleeve cuffs allow you to have a custom tight fit in cooler weather using both the zipper and hook and loop closure tab. But in warmer weather, the zipper can allow the cuffs to open a bit for added air through the sleeves.

Additional Items

Aerostich has thought of pretty much every possible scenario and has you covered with optional armor and pads that you can purchase to add even more customization to your R3. Additional armor pads for the hips, chest, and back are offered as well as replacement armor for the elbows, knees, and shoulders.

Even more, there are a few weather specific features that can be added such as a chest insulation pad for cold weather and boot covers that can be stowed in pockets at the cuff of each leg for relief from wet weather.

When you look at the R3 you will notice that there is an abundance of hook and loop on the outside of the suit. These strips are to mount the extra pouches offered by Aerostich such as the sleeve window pocket and the thigh window pocket. Adventure riders will love the sleeve pocket for a compass or even a watch. The thigh window pocket is perfect for a map or other notes that you want to be able to glance at while riding.

Below are the internal hook and loop strips for optional armor.


Possible Alterations

Aerostich offers a wide variety of alterations if you are interested in a truly custom fit. In my case, the sleeves and legs were where I required some help, but there are many more options to meet the needs of any and all riders.

  • The sleeves and legs can be altered both above and below the elbow and knee respectively up to 3 inches.
  • The sleeves can also be rotated forward for a more sport bike friendly riding position.
  • The upper body gusset can also be altered. The triangle from the waist to the sleeves and up to 2 inches can be added on each side.
  • A built-in ellipse can be added at the lower back to allow for a more forward lean for sport bike riders.
  • Finally, a jacket hem flair can be added to provide a looser fit at the hips.

While all of this information makes very little sense to most of us riders, it is helpful to know when you are trying on a standard size suit to know the areas which Aerostich can increase or decrease the size to accommodate your body size and shape. It is also important to remember that a few quick pictures and the team at Aerostich will most likely know what you need in the way of alterations even if you are unsure.




The Verdict?

Overall, my impression of Aerostich and the ladies R-3 one-piece suit is that I am very impressed with both. The company goes a step above when it comes to customer service which is what should be expected of a manufacturer of high-quality products.

Due to the required protection and durability of this suit, there is a bit of a breaking period with the material, not unlike any thick jacket or other types of suit. But as the suit is worn more, the fit and comfort level gets even better.

The Aerostich Women’s R3 one-piece suit is definitely a product that is meant to be purchased and used for many, many years. There is a certain level of investment, but the cost buys a very high quality, American-made product, as well as a company that stands behind their gear. I am very than impressed by the level of service and attention to detail from the entire staff of Aerostich and that attention to detail definitely shows in their products.


  • Excellent coverage/protection
  • Good abrasion protection
  • Full custom sizing
  • Adjustable armor mounting
  • Great airflow
  • Quality construction and materials
  • Ample storage/pockets
  • Waterproof
  • Full-length zipper access
  • Optional extra armor
  • Optional extra inner pockets



  • Requires some time – but worth the investment of the time
  • Above some rider’s budget
  • Lead time can vary so order before you plan a road trip


  • Manufacturer: Aerostich
  • Price (When Tested): $1,197.00
  • Made In: United States
  • Alternative models & colors: Black, Grey, Orange, Tan, Hi-Viz with Black, Blue, Grey, Pink, Red, and Hi-Viz Ballistic Color Choices
  • Sizes: Ladies 2-20 in Short, Regular and Long Lengths
  • Review Date: February 2019

Aerostich R-3 Pre & Post Alteration Pictures

Pre-Alteration with Sample Suit

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Ladies Motorcycle Jackets Worth Wearing

Due to the lack of motorcycle jackets made specifically for ladies, in the past, a selection was made mostly based on what came the closest to fitting properly.

But with the huge influx in ladies on bikes, manufacturers have spent millions of dollars designing and creating motorcycle jackets and full lines of apparel that are sized and cut to fit the variety of sizes and shapes that set the ladies apart from the men on bikes.

Now ladies are facing a few new questions, and I hope to provide some helpful information on the choices out there and a few of my favorite selections.

Protection With A Purpose

With all of the amazing choices out there, many ladies are almost overwhelmed when it comes time to select gear. Some of the first questions that need to be answered are what is the piece of gear going to be used for, and what type of protection is desired from the gear.

In this case, we are speaking only of motorcycle jackets, but the questions are the same for pants, suits, gloves, footwear and even gloves. Different materials each have their own benefits, and in some cases drawbacks depending on how they will be used.

The three main categories for motorcycle jacket material are leather, textile, and mesh. I want to take just a few moments to describe and explain how quality motorcycle jackets are purpose built and how to determine which material is going to be the best fit for your needs, riding style and the environment that you will be facing.


Leather is known for its durability and ability to stretch and mold to form fit. As you might have guessed, the thicker the better for protection, but that thickness can require a longer break-in period for the leather to become soft enough to contour to your body. The other benefit is that leather in a large single piece is very durable.

The thread is going to be the weakest material in a jacket and therefore the less thread the stronger the overall jacket will be. Using single large pieces of leather will create a jacket that is less likely to shred or tear in the event of extreme abrasion such as sliding on the asphalt. And not everyone knows that all leather is not created equal.

Cow leather is considered to be strong, but kangaroo leather is both lighter and stronger. Tests have found kangaroo to have ten times the tensile strength of cow leather. The downside of leather is that it does require some care to keep the leather soft which helps to avoid cracking. It can also be tough to keep leather as weather resistant as a textile jacket, so rain and snow are not optimal for any type of leather.

And finally, there is a definitely noticeable weight to leather which can become a nuisance in warmer climates. Some manufacturers are offering perforated leather which does provide some airflow, but it is still very warm in hotter and more humid climates.


Textile jackets are man-made materials which are, in this case, designed to be durable and versatile. The fibers can be created with a number of features in mind. Durability and strength are always critical. Kevlar is a common fiber that is blended with other fabrics to create a very strong jacket that provides superior abrasion protection.

Another benefit of textile fiber is that it can be treated to provide excellent protection from the elements. Rain and snow protection, as well as the ability to block out cold wind, provide a huge added value for riders in a four-season environment.

Textile jackets are also very easy to maintain and clean. They are less susceptible to damage from being worn in the rain or snow and can be easily hosed off or sprayed off when they get dirty or smelly. On the downside, unless the textile jacket that you are considering specifically states that the material includes Kevlar, then it won’t be as durable as leather.

Many of the less expensive textile jackets do not include Kevlar and should not be considered as safe as the more expensive options. You really do get what you pay for when shopping for textile jackets, so invest in the best level of protection that you can afford.


Mesh jackets are an adaptation of textile jackets, but one that is purpose-built for a very hot environment. I am including these because living in Phoenix, these jackets are critical in the summer months. The jackets have large panels of mesh which provide awesome airflow, but they offer very little protection in the areas constructed of mesh.

What you really get from these jackets is a means of protecting your skin from the sun and a way to get some armor protection in the event of an accident. I see too many riders in Phoenix in the summertime with nothing but a t-shirt on their upper body.

This is not only going to lead to catastrophic abrasion injuries and burns, as the asphalt is about 150 degrees Fahrenheit or more, but also serious damage from any impact like broken bones and crushed extremities. But a quality mesh jacket will provide some very durable armor and textile panels with Kevlar to protect the back and shoulders in the event of a slide or impact.

Ladies VS Men’s

Understanding the design differences between men’s jackets and ladies jackets can be very helpful as you begin to shop for a jacket that really fits your body well. Obviously, there are many different sizes and body shapes out there, but in general, ladies jackets will differ from men’s in a few specific areas.

Men’s jackets are cut fairly straight but the ladies jackets offer a more defined hip, waist and bust area. This allows for more flexibility and comfort across the shoulders and across the bust when the jacket is fully zipped. The sleeves in a ladies jacket are cut shorter than men’s sleeves and are surprisingly bigger around. And the shoulders are more narrow and less square on the ladies jackets.

All of these features will provide a more comfortable fit for the ladies and will make long rides much more enjoyable, as there are not tight areas that reduce circulation or areas that pinch or bind when you move.

The Choices

Alpinestars Stella Jaws Leather Jacket

Alpinestars Stella Jaw Leather
Alpinestars Stella Jaw Leather back view

Shopping Now? We Recommend:

webBikeWorld has worked closely with RevZilla over the years to provide our testers with products to review. In addition to being a great site to shop from, they’re also a great partner.


Free shipping on orders over $40
30-day no-nonsense return policy
Excellent selection of all major brands
Awesome pricing

Buy This Jacket on RevZilla – Price: $499.95

  • Sizes Available: 38, 40, 42, 44, 46, 48, 50

The Alpinestars Stella Jaws is a leather jacket that will work equally well for a day at the track or just a day out enjoying a ride and looking sporty. This jacket is designed to be form-fitting, but the great part is that it has several adjustments so that ladies can really achieve a comfortable and safe fit.

As for the safety features, this jacket is cut from 1.2 to 1.4 mm cowhide leather and offers CE Bio Armor in the shoulders and elbows and includes pockets so that you can add Nucleon series CE Level 2 back and chest protectors. I have found it to be very common for even high-end jackets to require the added purchase of chest and back protection. This allows for more personal choices about safety level and comfort level and should not be seen as a drawback.

What is really great about this pretty much race ready jacket is the added features for rider comfort. The back of the jacket has been designed with poly fabric stretch panels near the shoulders to provide a full range of motion with no pinching or gouging into your arms or shoulders as you move. There are also accordion insets at the elbows for added comfort and flexibility.

A critical fit area for all ladies is at the hips. This jacket accounts for a variety of hip sizes with VELCRO brand D-ring waist closures to customize the fit.

The same great closures at the wrists allow for a custom fit regardless of the size and type of gloves that you may be wearing. In short, the Stella Jaws leather jacket offers ladies all of the same protection that is offered in the men’s jackets but with the shape and adjustment options that are critical to a safe and secure fit on a woman’s body.

At about $500, this jacket is in the higher price range, but for ladies who want to ride fast and look great while also being well protected, this is The Ladies Leather Jacket Worth Wearing.

Olympia Expedition 2 Textile Jacket

Olympia Expedition Textile front view
Olympia Expedition Textile Back View

Shopping Now? We Recommend:

webBikeWorld has worked closely with RevZilla over the years to provide our testers with products to review. In addition to being a great site to shop from, they’re also a great partner.


Free shipping on orders over $40
30-day no-nonsense return policy
Excellent selection of all major brands
Awesome pricing

Buy This Jacket on RevZilla – Price: $449.99

  • Sizes Available: XS, SM, MD, LG, XL, 2LX, 3XL

The Olympia Expedition is a textile jacket that can accommodate all four seasons with the comfort and flexibility that ladies have never really had before. With the ability to wear one, two or three layers, this jacket can handle everything from warm summer days to fall and spring rain and even winter temperatures.

The outer shell is made of 500 and 1000D Cordura for great abrasion protection and also includes a Mega Vent Panel System to allow for more airflow when needed. Layer two provides the rain gear protection, and layer three offers thermal protection for even the coldest rides. But it is the protection from injuries that make the Expedition a real favorite among the ladies.

The CE level 2 elbow and shoulder armor are removable and can also be replaced or upgraded, as can the CE level 2 back protector. This gives riders a nice level of protection to start off with and at a reasonable cost. Then you can upgrade or make changes after you decide what will work best for you.

The comfort features in this jacket start with the tailored hourglass shape and design to meet the needs of almost any female rider. The ability to adjust the fit of the Expedition is thanks to the D-ring adjustments not only at the waist and cuffs but also at the elbows and collar. This lets you customize the fit regardless of the weather and clothing that you are wearing under the jacket.

One thing that could stand out about this jacket is that it does not offer the gussets or accordion panels that the leather and mesh jackets did. But this is due to the cut of the jacket. Being a four season jacket, it is cut a bit more generously and is not as form fitting.

For that reason, it really does not require the same insets for flexibility. This jacket will always have a slightly less snug fit and, it will very easily accommodate an assortment of shirts, sweaters or sweatshirts without becoming tight or binding.

At close to $500, this jacket is somewhat of an investment, but the cost really is not that unreasonable when you think of it as replacing two or even three other jackets to meet your needs year round.

This one and done feature, as well as the safety and comfort, make this one of The Ladies Textile Jacket Worth Wearing.

Joe Rocket Cleo Elite Mesh Jacket

Joe Rocket Cleo Mesh Front ViewJoe Rocket Cleo Mesh Back View

Shopping Now? We Recommend:

webBikeWorld has worked closely with RevZilla over the years to provide our testers with products to review. In addition to being a great site to shop from, they’re also a great partner.


Free shipping on orders over $40
30-day no-nonsense return policy
Excellent selection of all major brands
Awesome pricing

Buy This Jacket on RevZilla – Price: $179.99 – $193.49

  • Sizes: Available in XS, SM, MD, LG, XL, 1 DIVA, 2 DIVA

The Joe Rocket Cleo Elite is a mesh jacket that is going to meet your needs for protection and airflow when you are riding in a hot climate.

This racing style jacket is small and lightweight for the hottest days of the year, but it can also be worn with the waterproof and windproof liner for less ideal weather. And you can add the insulated vest when the temperatures are starting to drop.

But what really makes this mesh jacket stand out are the safety features that are tucked in around all of these mesh panels. First, the Dynax reinforcements on the upper back, ribs, and forearms provide added abrasion protection in the event of an accident without eliminating the awesome airflow of the mesh panels.

The CE approved shoulder and elbow armor inserts are accessible from the outside of the jacket and can be removed or replaced as needed. And the back protector included with the jacket is dual density and can be removed or replaced to meet your personal desires for comfort and protection.

The comfort features on this jacket are equally as important as the safety in my mind because if a jacket is not comfortable, you are not going to wear it in the really hot weather of the summertime.

The Full Flex articulated back and hip expansion panels allow this jacket to snuggly fit the shape of your body without gouging or riding up when you lean forward. These panels also allow for full range of motion and the ability to change your riding position easily to avoid numbness or muscle stiffness on a long ride.

The jacket also has a full 8” connection zipper if you choose to pair the Cleo up with pants to provide even more protection in hot weather. And finally, it doesn’t add to the safety or the physical fit but the four color options make this a great fit for your personality. Riding in gear that fits great and makes you happy is the best way to stay focused and safe on your bike. All of these great features in one jacket make this one of The Ladies Mesh Jacket Worth Wearing.

The market for ladies riding apparel is finally changing to keep up with the increase in female bike owners and riders. With more options becoming available each day, and a little research and time, every lady who rides are certain to be able to find the perfect gear for both safety and comfort.

The only mistake that ladies can make now is not investing the time and money in great gear. To see what a difference quality gear can make, check out The Aftermath of Crashing with No Gear vs. All the Gear here at WebBikeWorld.

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Alpinestars Core Leather Jacket Hands-On Review

A Pleasant Surprise

I was very excited to test the Alpinestars Core leather jacket because it is offered in a perforated model which is perfect for the warmer climate of Phoenix. I have worn many textile and mesh jackets over the years and I like the comfort and fit but mentally I just don’t feel as protected as I do when I am wearing leather, so the Core is a great option.

Alpinestars Core Leather Jacket in all black

The jacket is offered in all black and a combo black and white in men’s sizes 46 to 60. It would be great to see Alpinestars add a women’s line to the Core series as there are many ladies out there who would be eager to have this aggressively designed sport style jacket. But for now, the men’s sizes will accommodate many of those ladies.

From the moment that I opened the box, I knew that I was going to enjoy this jacket and the quality that it offered. When I am willing to pay what I consider to be top dollar for a product which I expect to be of superior quality, I appreciate that the manufacturer also views the item as a quality product. Clearly, Alpinestars invests the time in carefully packaging this jacket to be sure that it arrives at the customer in perfect condition.

The jacket was wrapped in tissue paper and plastic and then carefully folded to fit into the box. Because of that care, it arrived in perfect condition with not a scratch or crease on the supple leather. Being ordered online, I view the packaging and care taken in the process to be the total effort of the salesmanship from a business and Alpinestars did not disappoint.

Shopping Now? We Recommend:

webBikeWorld has worked closely with RevZilla over the years to provide our testers with products to review. In addition to being a great site to shop from, they’re also a great partner.


Free shipping on orders over $40
30-day no-nonsense return policy
Excellent selection of all major brands
Awesome pricing

Buy This Jacket on RevZilla

New Alpinestars Core Leather Jacket

The Core is a three season jacket in most climates but in a warmer environment, I could see it working very well as a year-round jacket thanks to the removable thermal liner. The all-black version leans more to the classic all black biker jacket image while the black and white color scheme is more reminiscent of a euro cafe racer style jacket. I selected the black and white simply because there is nothing remotely comfortable about all black gear in 120 degrees.

Reasonable Pricing

The jacket sells for $589.95 US, currently (and Revzilla generously ships orders over $39.99 for free). That price is not what I would consider out of line for a quality leather jacket but it is more than some name brand competitors. After wearing the Core, I can attest to the value of the jacket and the fact that I would feel good about spending close to $600 on this jacket thanks to the level of comfort and the protection that it offers.

Full Feature Breakdown

Alpinestars Core leather jacket with tags

The Core is constructed of full-grain 1.1 mm leather with poly-textile accordion stretch inserts on the chest, arms and back for full range of motion and added comfort to the sport fit.

Fit & Comfort

Fit and comfort are very important to me as I get older. I have learned many lessons about getting what you pay for over the years, and I have decided that I am happy to pay a little extra to be comfortable. In the case of riding gear, I also believe that being comfortable adds to my safety as I am not distracted by a pinch here or a bulge of material there. That being said, I was very pleased with the fit and level of comfort as soon as I put the new Core on. I never felt like I was experiencing a break in period, as I had with many other leather jackets.


Each person has a slightly different body type and I think that this style of jacket and cut works very well for me, but without including my sizing the information would be useless to most readers. I am 5’ 10” tall and weight in around 155 pounds on average. My height comes mainly from my legs as my torso is rather short in comparison. I say this to be able to add that my arms are proportionate to my legs giving me a wingspan of nearly 6’.

The sleeve length on the Core, size 40 US and 50 Euro, is perfect for me and allows me to reach the handlebars very comfortably with no binding at the shoulders or elbows. The length of the jacket is slightly long on me as it sits about 3” below my true waistline but the Velcro waist adjustment is more than sufficient to accommodate the size difference.

True to Size & Snug

I also have an all leather Ducati/Dainese jacket in a 52 Euro which is a little large on me now, a 50 would be perfect. That tells me that the Alpinestars sizing is very true for this style of jacket. The one feature that has taken me a bit of time to get used to is the snugness of the sleeves.

As I mentioned, my other leather jacket is full leather where the Core has poly-textile inserts on the inside of the arm. This provides a snug fit which I was not used to with the full leather sleeves.

But the inserts allow for great mobility and expansion when you are riding so don’t think that you will stress the seams as you move your arms or layer with a heavy shirt in cold weather. It’s a great fit and feature, just a bit different than I was used to.

Neck & Wrist Area

Alpinestars core leather jacket collar

Comfort has not been overlooked in any of the details of this jacket even though it is purpose-built to offer great protection that would work on the street or the track.


The collar is constructed of a soft 3D mesh and leather combination that offers breathability and comfort without the stiffness and abrasion of some leather collars. The single collar snap is large and easy to manage even when wearing gloves.

My only ding on the collar design is that the left side is nicely finished with a rounded upper corner while the right side is a square upper corner. I did notice that the square corner was annoying and jabbed my neck when I had the collar snapped. But in all fairness, with a little more than one month of wear, that leather might soften a bit and eliminate the issue.


The cuffs are constructed of the same 3D mesh and leather combination as the collar and are super comfortable. The tab for the single snap is smaller than some jackets but it is very functional and streamlined. I never had any issues getting the snap fastened or unfastened and it was nice not to have a bulky tab at my wrist to obstruct movement or cause issues with my gloves.

The cuff zippers are also very streamlined but work very well. The high-quality YKK zippers offer a semi-auto locking feature that locks in place in any position without the zipper tab flapping in the wind. The rubberized grips make them easy to grab and move very easily as well.

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Chest Area

The main zipper on the Core is also a high-quality YKK with an elongated leather pull. I never had any issues grabbing the tab and moving the zipper even when riding in a tucked position.

The chest offers integrated PE padding as well as internal pockets for optional chest protection which can be purchased for about $40 for the pair. The all leather chest is surprisingly comfortable yet feels very secure. I hope to never put it to the test but I am confident that it would handle some serious abrasion.

The Core offers the standard front slash pockets with zipper closures as well as two interior chest pockets with velcro closures that are larger than any I have ever seen before. And just inside the left side zipper is a waterproof compartment that is large enough to hold most cell phones, a wallet or even glasses case.


The airflow and comfort features on the Alpinestars Core go beyond any that I have ever found in a leather jacket. Perforations at the chest PE padding allow for some airflow as well as the slant zipper air vents located just below the shoulders. These can be opened to allow a huge amount of airflow to regulate your body temperature in hot environments.

Alpinestars Core leather jacket chest

Back Area

The back of the Core is all leather with integrated PE comfort padding that sits on either side of the back protector. And the back of the jacket is definitely extended lower than many other models to offer abrasion and impact protection to the lower back and hip area. This is also where there is a grey on black Alpinestars logo that is easy to miss during the day but is a large safety reflector when riding at night.

The back protection that is included with the Core is my biggest, and maybe only real issue with the product. Not only is it just a thin piece of foam, but it is also much smaller than the average back protector.

I understand that Alpinestars has spent a good amount of time and money creating a new line of back protectors, such as the Nucleon KR-2i Back Protector Insert which provides CE Level 2 protection and is compatible with the Core, but the included protector is far below the quality and safety level of the rest of the protective gear in the Core.

Alpinestars Core jacket back protector foam

A Word Before Upgrading

A word about the upgrade for those who are interested in adding the KR-2i. There is a snap connector that attaches to the inside of the jacket roughly between the shoulder blades to install the added back protector.

Alpinestars velcro and snap back protector attachment system

The additional benefit to this installation system is that you can customize the location by moving the connector on the velcro pad in the jacket which is a unique feature. I have not tried the Nucleon KR-2i as of yet. To be honest, I was waiting until I completed my evaluation of the Core before I invested any money in the new back protector.

Internal Armor Pocket

In the past, I have only found a few jackets that offered the level of protection that I wanted in the back area, so I purchased a D1 Manis and used that in every jacket that I wore. It was a tight fit in some jackets as the back plate pocket was smaller but it did the job.

In the case of the Alpinestars Core, the internal pocket for the back protector is very small. I could insert the top two-thirds of the Manis but it wasn’t really a good fit, so I will likely be investing in the floating Nucleon.

Alpinestars Nucleon KR-2i Back Protector

Even with my concerns about the back protector that is included in the Core, I believe that this is still a great jacket and I would still be willing to pay the $650 that it will cost once I order the Nucleon KR-2i. No product is perfect for everyone but this one shortfall is definitely something that I can correct whereas the fit and comfort are not so easily changed.

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Shoulders & Sleeves

Alpinestars Core leather jacket with reflective logo

The shoulders were the first part of this jacket that caught my eye. The Dynamic Friction Shield protectors in the shoulders offer some great protection on impact as well as in a slide situation. When falling or being thrown, your shoulders tend to take a great deal of abuse with very little muscle to protect the bones.

The injection-molded shells with dual density foam padding work almost like a helmet for your shoulders. The removable CE shoulder protectors add even more comfort and protection while allowing for great mobility and a full range of motion and riding positions.

The removable CE elbow protectors offer more protection than I expected as they cradle your elbow and extend down your forearm almost to your wrist. Not only does this help in the event of impact but it also keeps the lower arms a bit rigid. This allows for better airflow and helps to keep the sleeves from sticking to your arms in hot weather.

The use of the poly-textile accordion inserts at the armpits and inside of the arms is what sets the Core apart from every other sport or race style jacket that I have worn. These panels provide the expansion and flexibility that just can’t be found in solid leather construction. The Core is designed to have a snug fit but these inserts allow for free arm movement that would tug at the back and should areas in a solid leather jacket.

Alpinestars Core Leather Jacket shoulder protection

Icing on the Cake

All of the areas that I have detailed above are the really big benefits and features for the Alpinestars Core Leather Jacket. But there are a few other features and items that deserve to be mentioned.

  • Waist offers some great D-ring adjustment straps with Velcro closures for a really personalized fit.
  • Full circumference zipper to attach the Core to Alpinestars pants.
  • Reflective Alpinestars logo is on both forearms, the chest and the lower back for added visibility at night.

Reflective Alpinestars logo on Core jacket

The Verdict?

As I mentioned earlier, the Alpinestars Core Leather Jacket could be my favorite piece of gear ever! I have never owned such a well designed and constructed piece of gear that was instantly comfortable. There is no breaking in period that you just push through in hopes of being rewarded with a super comfortable jacket.

I don’t often find a piece of clothing that fits me well enough that I am instantly sure that I will like it and continue to use it. And even though the Core is only offered in men’s sizes and cut, I was extremely satisfied with the fit and comfort of the jacket immediately.

In a month-long hands-on test, a jacket will only see a small amount of wear and tear as compared to a lifetime of use, but the quality of the materials and construction lead me to believe that this jacket will last as long as I do. I would be very surprised to not be wearing this in ten years barring any unfortunate incidents.

And if I do go down in the Core, I fully expect to have the best protection I could get or expect from a leather jacket.

I highly recommend the Alpinestars Core Leather Jacket for anyone who is looking for a leather sport style jacket.


  • Excellent comfort
  • Good abrasion protection
  • Packed with safety features
  • Great airflow
  • Quality construction and materials
  • Ample interior and exterior pockets
  • Removable full thermal liner
  • Available in perf or non-perf leather


  • Minimal back protection included
  • Quality back protection costs extra
  • Cost is above some riders budget


  • Manufacturer: Alpinestars
  • Price (When Tested): $589.95
  • Made In: China
  • Designed In: Cyprus
  • Alternative models & colors: All black on black or black and white combo
  • Sizes: EURO 46/48/50/52/54/56/58/60/62/64
  • Review Date: November 2018

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webBikeWorld has worked closely with RevZilla over the years to provide our testers with products to review. In addition to being a great site to shop from, they’re also a great partner.


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Alpinestars Core Leather Jacket image Gallery

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Gear Tips for the Mature Rider

It is no secret that as we get older, our bodies change. And in most cases, we do not get better with age. That only happens in the movies and with fine wine.

As motorcycle riders, we need to be aware that the changes that we are facing certainly do not mean that we need to give up our passion for riding, but as mature riders, we do need to understand these potential changes and address them in a manner which will keep us safe and on our bikes as long as possible. Taking a few extra precautions and add a few more key pieces of gear is a small price to pay to keep enjoying bikes and the freedom that they offer.

Low Light & Darkness

As described in the March 2006 issue of the Harvard Health Letter, your eyes slowly change as you age. To adapt to low light or darkness, your pupils widen to let in more light and improve your ability to see. But that adjustment is made by the tiny muscles in the colored part of your eye, the iris, which surrounds the pupil.

As anyone who is getting up there in years knows, older muscles just don’t respond as quickly or a well as they once did. So as we age, we just need to accept the fact that it can be more difficult to see in low light such as on a ride at dusk or in the early morning before sunrise.

Riding Visibility

One option is to limit the time of day that you choose to ride, but to me, that seems like giving in to old age and letting it control my ability to enjoy my bike. A better solution is to use an amber visor or shield in your helmet. This helps to intensify the minimal amount of light and provides a crisper, clearer view in low light. If you do not have the capability of dual visors in your helmet, then amber glasses are an option if you do not wear prescription glasses.

Decreasing Reaction Times & the Consequences

According to a study of 3,305 people ages 16 to 44 conducted by PBS for the show NewsHour, the human brain’s reaction time peaks at age 24. After 24 the decline in reaction time is slow but constant.

As mature motorcycle riders, we need to also embrace this bit of information and learn to extend our vision. This larger scope of vision is going to allow that short extra instant that we need to react to something around us. It could mean the difference between dodging a car backing out into traffic and high siding over a trunk and landing on hard asphalt.

And that brings me to the next fact that we, as older riders need to grasp. And that is the fact that we just don’t heal as quickly as we did in our 20’s or even our 40’s. Again, I am not advocating hanging up the helmet and gloves, I am just saying that mature riders need to take advantage of all of the amazing protective gear that is now available.

Time To Gear Up

Not too many years ago, a leather jacket was all the protection that you could get. But today’s jackets offer things like:

  • Integrated PE padding on the chest, torso, and back
  • Removable CE protectors in the chest, back, elbows and shoulders
  • Exterior friction protectors on the shoulders and elbows
  • Kevlar panels for abrasion protection
  • Mesh or perforated leather for ventilation and added comfort and safety in warm weather
  • Accordion stretch inserts and gussets to allow full range of motion and superior protection
  • Optional lumbar protection
  • Waist connection zipper to attach to riding pants to eliminate a back full of road rash

And that connection zipper is the perfect segue to the next piece of gear that has made some huge strides in providing protection. Riding pants used to be a very constricting, stiff leather garment that only belonged in MotoGP. But that is no longer the case.

Riders can select from textile, leather or even denim pants that offer almost as many safety options as today’s jackets such as:

  • Internal hips pads and knee pads
  • External knee pucks if you are really going to push some curves
  • Kevlar panels for abrasion protection
  • Mesh or perforated leather for ventilation and added comfort and safety in warm weather
  • Accordion stretch inserts and gussets to allow full range of motion and superior protection
  • Optional lumbar protection
  • Waist connection zipper to attach to a jacket to eliminate a back full of road rash

But if you are not ready to give up the gear that you already own to invest in a new jacket and pants with extra safety features, consider just adding some armor under your existing gear. There are several reputable companies who are selling back protectors that fit under a jacket or shirt, elbow and knee armor and even base layers with pockets for soft or rigid armor.

Rider Concerns

As an over 50 rider, I completely understand that many riders my age do not want to feel like they have just suited up in an Ironman costume to go out for a ride. I must confess, I was right there with you thinking that same thing until I tried out a few new pieces of gear thanks to the great folks at webBikeWorld and some awesome manufacturers who offered up some gear.

I had always ridden in jeans, some type of sneaker or gym shoe and a jacket. And in the heat of a Phoenix summer, I was not religious about the jacket on occasion. The only thing that I was a little bit smart about was wearing a helmet, but that was due to the endless supply of rock flying through the air out here.

First the Jacket

The jackets are the first piece of gear to really win me over. I have tried a lot of different brands including Joe Rocket, Icon, Motonation, Dainese and Alpinestars. And what I discovered is that as long as I get the correct size, most of the newer style jackets are very comfortable. Again, it will come down to personal preference and fit, but even with all of the added safety features and armor, these jackets are flexible and move with you rather than restricting your motion.

Anyone who had one of the older leather race jackets knows that you felt protected but only because it was like having a nutshell around you. Your movement and flexibility were severely limited. That is no longer the case.

Then the Pants

This year I also discovered that motorcycle specific pants are not as bad as I imagined them to be. In fact, they can be more comfortable than the jeans that I spent a lifetime wearing. As I mentioned before, I live in Phoenix and the summers can be pretty unbearable with temps hitting 115 and sometimes higher. So after a ride, my jeans looked like I had just gotten out of the pool and not off of my bike.

I tried out a pair of textile pants that offered some great ventilation and even better armor and padding. While wearing the pants this summer, I had a rather unfortunate incident on a corner with a gravel spill. Fortunately, the hip and knee protection did its job as did the textile. I escaped with no burns or cuts and just a little bruising.

But I would hate to imagine the outcome if my hip had hit the asphalt with nothing but a layer of denim to protect it. I consider myself fortunate to have discovered the importance of good riding gear without getting a ride in an ambulance to go along with my epiphany.

A Little Consolation

First of all, I hope that you are still with me here and did not see this as all doom and gloom and click away. My point is to provide mature riders, like myself, with some real information that we all need to hear and understand. Getting older is not all bad. I consider myself to be much smarter than the little smart ass I was in my 20’s and I plan to use that added insight to stay safe and stay on my bike for a few more decades.

The fact is that there were more motorcycle accidents in 2016 than there were in 2007 according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, and it is not just because riders were getting older.

There are a lot of other factors that increase the potential for motorcycle accidents today including more vehicles on the road, more road rage incidents and maybe the worst of all is the number of distracted drivers. Cell phones, navigation systems and all of the other gadgets in today’s cars give drivers way too many things that can demand their attention when they need to be watching the road.

As an older and wiser rider, it only makes sense to take advantage of the safety gear that is out there to help avoid an injury that could make riding nothing more than a memory. There are a lot of great manufacturers and types of gear out there. Invest some time to research and even test fitting to find the best gear to give you the added protection you need to be safe and keep riding.

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Gear Guide: Best Leather Race Suits

Not every rider is looking for the maximum protection available from head to toe, but if you are that street rider who likes to push the limits on occasion and sail into a curve or corner just a bit faster than ever before, then a leather race suit could be one of the best pieces of riding gear that you ever purchase. Likewise, if you have a true need for speed that can only be satiated on a track, then a full leather race suit is a must not only for body protection but also for meeting the equipment requirements of most tracks.

Leather has been the material of choice for motorcycle riders since the early 1920’s when Irving Schott began creating purpose-built leather biker jackets in his lower East Side Manhattan factory. The material had survived nearly two decades of use as the jacket of choice of the early aviators and the durability appeared to transfer well to meet the needs of motorcycle riders as well.

Not only is a leather race suit going to provide the best abrasion protection but it is also going to allow you to have maximum impact protection and armor. Sliding across pavement can leave some devastating road rash but hitting an object or high siding off of the bike and suffering a hard impact against a vehicle or the ground can also cause life-changing injuries.

But a leather race suit offers the riders the ability to add impact protection and even extra abrasion protection on every part of the body other than your head, hands, and feet which should be protected with other gear. Check out the other “best of” articles on Web Bike World for awesome boots, gloves, and helmets to complete your safety gear package.

Now, back to leather race suits. There are a great number of variables when looking at leather race suits starting with the leather itself. You will want to check out the thickness of the leather as well as the type of leather. A solid piece of natural hide is always more durable than a man-made material or smaller pieces which are stitched together. Gear is only as durable and strong as its weakest segment, and in the case of a leather race suit, that could be the thread used in the stitching.

Next, check out the armor that is provided with the race suit as well as the upgrades or additional armor that can be added to increase your level of protection. Not every manufacturer will include the top of the line armor simply to make the entire race suit more affordable. But a quality suit will allow you to upgrade the armor.

While fit and comfort are not as critical to your safety as the physical durability of the race suit, they are very important. You need to be comfortable and have a full range of motion to get the most out of every ride, your skill, and your bike. The distraction of a suit that is too short waisted and binds in the seat area each time you move your upper body is not a good thing.

Either you will try to reduce your upper body movement or you will wait until the last second to move, knowing that it will cause a “discomfort” in a delicate region. And both of these can be dangerous on the track or even on the road. So find a suit that fits your body size and type. A big factor for comfort on long rides is expansion material and gussets. Quality gear is designed to accommodate your body in motion and still provide great protection.

Be sure to check back regularly with us here at Web Bike World to read about our latest hands-on reviews of leather race suits and other great products for riders.


  • Best overall: Alpinestars GP Plus V2 Venom Race Suit
  • Best value: Cortech Adrenaline RR Race Suit
  • Fully loaded: Dainese D-Air Race Suit
  • Other great options: Rev’It Spitfire Race Suit, Alpinestars Atem 2 Piece Race Suit, Dainese Assen 2 Piece Women’s Race Suit

Leather Race Suit Buyers Guide

The two choices that you will have for leather race suits are a one-piece true suit or a two-piece jacket and pants combo that most likely zips together. Each of these has their own benefits and drawbacks and you will need to weigh these points for yourself to determine which is YOUR best choice.

True One-Piece Suit


  • Solid leather is the best protection against abrasion
  • No zipper to fail and separate the jacket and pants
  • Leather panels offer more flexibility than a zipper
  • One piece suits can cost more


  • Must be worn as a full suit not just pants or a jacket
  • Some body types or shapes are difficult to fit in a suit format
  • Can feel restrictive until it breaks in or you get used to the new fit

Two Piece Suit


  • Easier to find pants and jacket that fit in some cases
  • You can mix sizes if upper or lower body needs extended size
  • Pieces can be worn independently or just not zipped into suit format
  • Pieces can be purchased separately to be more affordable


  • A zipper could break or be damaged causing a suit failure
  • A zipper can be uncomfortable
  • Total cost for a two-piece suit could be more than a one piece suit

Taking all of these criteria into consideration WBW has compiled a list of some great leather racing suits for you to consider when making your next purchase. Not only will this provide you with some great details about these six suits but it will also show you which criteria we felt were critical to the success of the gear so that you can evaluate other suits for your own use. And as always, be sure to check back regularly to read more evaluations and the results of our hands on gear tests.

Best Overall: Alpinestars GP Plus V2 Venom Race Suit

Alpinestars leather venom race suit front view Alpinestars leather venom race suit rear view

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Free shipping (with Amazon Prime)
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Competitive pricing

Buy This Leather Race Suits on Amazon

  • Price: $1,199.95

The GP Plus V2 Venom is a true one-piece race suit constructed out of durable 1.3mm bovine leather.

  • The sleeves and legs are pre-curved for added comfort and mobility.
  • Large accordion stretch panels on the lower back and knees provide additional range of motion and comfort in a tuck position.
  • Stretch fabric panels in the sleeves, crotch, and chest add to the comfort and fit of the suit.
  • Calf expansion gussets allow for unrestricted movement of the legs when launching, tucking or leaning into a curve.
  • Ergonomic back hump provides better airflow and performance at high speed.
  • Perforations in the leather increase airflow and comfort.
  • Aramid fiber inserts in the arms and legs provide reinforcement at the critical seam areas for added abrasion protection.
  • Suit offers inner cuff and calf adjustors, a removable mesh liner, an inner wallet pocket, and a 3D textured fabric collar for added comfort and convenience.

The list of added safety features on this race suit is amazing considering the very reasonable price of just a nickel shy of $1,200.

Included in this price are DSF external, dual-density TPU shoulder and knee sliders, CE certified GP-R protection on shoulders, elbows, and knees, sport knee sliders, reinforced knee construction with grip texture for enhanced contact with the bike and chest pockets with PE padding. The suit is also equipped with a snap system to accommodate an upgrade to the CE Level 2 Nucleon Back Protector which is sold separately.

All of these features, the ability to add even more protection and a great price make the GP Plus V2 Venom from Alpinestars our selection for Best Overall Leather Race Suit.

Best Value Leather Race Suit to Buy: Cortech Adrenaline RR

Cortech adrenaline leather race suit front view

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webBikeWorld has worked closely with RevZilla over the years to provide our testers with products to review. In addition to being a great site to shop from, they’re also a great partner.


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Free shipping (with Amazon Prime)
30-day return policy
Excellent selection
Competitive pricing

Buy This Leather Race Suits on Amazon

  • Price: $799.99

The Cortech Adrenaline RR is a leather one-piece race suit that is ready for a day at the track or on the open road.

  • This race suit is constructed of top grade cowhide leather with the thickness varying from 1.2mm to 1.4mm and a combination of perforated and non-perforated panels.
  • Rotated sleeves and pre-curved legs add to the comfort as well as the quality of the fit.
  • Accordion style expansion panels at the shoulders, elbows, waist, and knees along with stretch panels in the arms, inseam, and calves increase the flexibility and comfort as well.

For a very cost effective leather race suit, the Adrenaline RR offers some added features that you might only expect to find in a suit with a much higher price tag.

  • Seamless panels in the bottom and rear thigh area provide added durability for increased abrasion protection.
  • Stitching throughout is a high strength bonded nylon thread in a triple stitch pattern, and the cuffs offer spring-loaded zippers to eliminate flapping.

The list of safety features is equally impressive on this economically priced race suit.

  • The aerodynamic race profile speed hump offers great protection while the perforated leather and its hollow body provide awesome airflow for added comfort on a hot day.
  • Shoulder and elbow protection begins with TPU molded stainless steel external armor and also includes removable level 2 CE protection at the shoulder and level 1 protection at the elbows.
  • Level 1 internal protection is also in the knee area while the included knee sliders can also be added for external protection.

A few bonus comfort features include a soft neoprene collar, neoprene stretch panels at the cuffs for a custom fit and a removable and washable mesh liner with a zipper chest pocket.

For a leather race suit with a price tag well under a grand, the Adrenaline RR is a superior option. Hands down the Cortech Adrenaline RR is our choice for Best Value Leather Race Suit.

Best Fully Loaded Leather Race Suit: Dainese D-Air

 Dainese d-air leather race suit front view Dainese d-air leather race suit rear view

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webBikeWorld has worked closely with RevZilla over the years to provide our testers with products to review. In addition to being a great site to shop from, they’re also a great partner.


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Excellent selection of all major brands
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Buy This Leather Race Suits on RevZilla


Free shipping (with Amazon Prime)
30-day return policy
Excellent selection
Competitive pricing

Buy This Leather Race Suits on Amazon

  • Price: $2,079.96

The Dainese D-Air leather race suit takes safety to the next level using the Intelligent Protection System.

This amazing gear combines a wireless airbag system and technology package which includes:

  • Three accelerometers
  • Three gyroscopes
  • GPS
  • 4 GIGs if internal memory
  • LED user interface mounted on the right forearm.

In addition, proprietary software manages this state of the art race suit to instantly evaluate the accident conditions and severity to activate the safety features as quickly as 15 milliseconds for a violent crash or with a slightly longer trigger time for precise protection at a lower speed.

For the aspects of this race suit which have similar peers and can be compared, the D-Skin 2.0 leather is full grain cowhide but with added long fibers to increase the strength and durability of the leather while still remaining soft and supple. Added resin and silicone wax also increase durability without creating any added stiffness.

The D-Air includes all of the comfort features that you would expect from Dainese including:

  • Pre-curved arms and legs
  • Double calf zippers
  • Suit to boot fastening system
  • NanoFeel removable sanitized liner

When it comes to added protection, Dainese makes the standard protection appear mundane in comparison to their technology-laden bells and whistles, but they include only the top of the line all the way around.

  • Suit is certified to CE Cat II – 89/686/EEC Directive
  • Includes a back protector, composite protectors and Pro Shape soft protectors on the sides.
  • Aluminum inserts at the shoulders and titanium inserts at the elbows.

If you are looking for the latest technology combined with superior quality solid protection, then the D-Air is the suit for you. Testing demonstrated that this suit reduces the force transferred by traditional armor by an astounding 85%. And at a cost of just under $2,100, that is an amazing feat to offer any rider.

Technological breakthroughs, as well as the Dainese, continued high standards for excellence make the Dainese D-Air our selection for Best Fully Loaded Leather Race Suit.

Other Great Options

Rev’It Spitfire

Revit spitfire leather race suit front view Revit spitfire leather race suit rear view

Shopping Now? We Recommend:

webBikeWorld has worked closely with RevZilla over the years to provide our testers with products to review. In addition to being a great site to shop from, they’re also a great partner.


Free shipping on orders over $40
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Excellent selection of all major brands
Awesome pricing

Buy This Leather Race Suits on RevZilla

  • Price: $1,399.99

The Rev’It Spitfire is a one-piece race suit constructed of Monaco cowhide.

  • The arms and legs are pre-curved for comfort and mobility with Kevlar stretch inserted in key areas for flexibility and comfort when tucked without sacrificing superior protection.
  • Gussets at the knees, elbows, and back provide excellent flexibility while the sleeves crotch and legs add to the comfort and fit by using the less bulky Kevlar material.

The protection package includes:

Dual composition protectors at the shoulders, elbows, and knees which includes type A knee sliders, Betac CE elbow protection, Betac CE adjustable protection at the shoulders and knees and SeeSmart CE-level 1 type B hip protector inserts. The suit also includes a back protector pocket which can be purchased separately.

The Rev’It Spitfire is a great choice for a one-piece leather race suit offered in a variety of sizes and color patterns. Comfort, flexibility, and safety are all important features that are offered in this race suit.

Alpinestars Atem 2

Alpinestars two piece leather race suit front view Alpinestars two piece leather race suit rear view

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  • Price: $1,299.95

The Alpinestars Atem is a full leather two-piece race suit.

The suit is constructed of 1.3mm full grain leather with inserts and armor for the comfort and protection that you expect from Alpinestars. The two-piece feature works well for riders who want to have the flexibility of wearing a race quality jacket only or a full suit.

  • Added comfort is provided by an array of stretch panels which are located in the torso, arms, crotch, and back of the knee area.
  • Accordion stretch panels also provide added range of motion to increase both safety and comfort.
  • Perforated leather panels and the full mesh liner provide great ventilation, increase comfort and promote wicking in hot conditions.

The protection begins with external Dynamic Friction Shield at the shoulders, elbow, and knees.

  • Added lower body protection is provided by the CE approved GP-R knee/shin protector featuring floating construction for a more customizable fit.
  • Upper body gear includes an Aero hump for improved aerodynamic performance and added impact protection.
  • Chest pad compartments with PE padding are included and the armor can be upgraded if desired.
  • Integrated PE foam padding on chest, hips, tailbone, upper arms and back.
  • Multiple snap button systems provide the option to integrate Level 2 CE certified Alpinestars Nucleon protectors, which are sold separately, throughout the suit for added safety.
  • A neoprene comfort edge is added around the collar and cuffs to prevents chafing and skin irritation.

The Alpinestars Atem 2 piece leather race suit is a good option for any rider who is looking for the ability to have a full race suit as well as a track quality jacket and pants which can be worn separately.

Dainese Assen Two Piece Women’s Race Suit

Dainese ladies two piece leather race suit front view Dainese ladies two piece leather race suit rear view

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webBikeWorld has worked closely with RevZilla over the years to provide our testers with products to review. In addition to being a great site to shop from, they’re also a great partner.


Free shipping on orders over $40
30-day no-nonsense return policy
Excellent selection of all major brands
Awesome pricing

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Free shipping (with Amazon Prime)
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Excellent selection
Competitive pricing

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  • Price: $949.95

The Dainese Assen two-piece women’s leather race suit is a great option for the ladies who just can’t find a men’s race suit that fits properly. The Tutu leather, accordion elastic panels, and the bi-elastic fabric inserts provide an ergonomic fit and the flexibility needed to ride comfortably and safely on a track or roadways.

And an added benefit of this platform is that ladies can purchase the race suit complete or the jacket and pants can be purchased separately to accommodate anyone needed varied sizing for upper and lower body. At the time this article was written, buying the pants and jacket separately will actually reduce the above-quoted price to $824.91 before tax and shipping.

  • Replaceable external aluminum plates on the shoulders
  • EN 1621.1 Level 2 standard composite protectors at the elbows, knees, and shoulders
  • Pro-Shape certified Standard EN 1621.1 soft protectors are located at the hips.
  • The safety features are rounded out by the interchangeable knee sliders and a 10mm jacket-pants connection zipper to provide security and durability in the event of a slide.

For the ladies who are having difficulty finding a men’s leather race suit that fits well and provides adequate protection for the street or the track, the Dainese Assen two piece leather race suit is a great option for extreme comfort and safety as well as the flexibility to fit almost any body size and shape.

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Super Seer Cool Cap Head-On Review

Cooling Jade – Hype of Science?

To be completely honest, I am always pretty skeptical of a “new” discovery or process that claims to be better at, in this case, cooling. It can be very easy to manipulate tests and results of testing in a very controlled environment to produce the results needed to make a strong statement such as, “decreases the skin surface temperature by up to 10 degrees Fahrenheit”.

In too many cases, the manufacturer is testing the product under controls which will rarely, if ever, apply to use in the real world. With this in mind, I was determined to research the concept of COOLJADE and see if there was any real science behind it.

And I am glad to report that there is definitely some science to back up the name and the statement made by the Super Seer Corporation of Evergreen, Colorado.

How It Works

Sweating is your body’s natural means of cooling. The sweat that is on your skin is basically water in its liquid form. This liquid is cooler than your body temperature so it begins to draw heat from your body. As the temperature of the liquid increases, it then becomes vapor which releases the heat and helps to cool your body.

The trick is to capture as much liquid as possible against your body so that it can efficiently cool your skin. If the sweat is wiped from your skin or drips off, you lose its cooling benefit. And this is where the COOLJADE technology comes into play.

Any fabric that is designed to be used in a hot environment needs to be thin and breathable to provide maximum comfort to consumers. But that same thin material also needs to be extremely absorbent.

The desired goal is to capture as much sweat from the body as possible for evaporation and maximum cooling benefit. When the micro crushed jade particles are infused into the fabric, they provide an exponential increase in the fabrics absorbent quality.

In short, the jade particles are greatly increasing the surface area of the fabric but on a microscopic level that is undetectable to the human eye or even the human touch. This infusion makes it possible for the Cool Cap to offer super-efficient evaporation and cooling for a riders head and in some cases that increase evaporation can actually decrease the skin temperature by 10 degrees.

So in the case of the Cool Cap from the Super Seer Corporation, this is not just a claim from an ultra-controlled test environment, this product will provide better cooling in the real world.

Bargain Pricing

My past experience had been with a Nike brand skull cap and several Under Armor skull caps. On average, I was paying about $17 – $20 each for the other major brand caps, so the $20 price tag on the Cool Cap is very reasonable considering the fact that I found it to be a superior product.

The Cool Cap


Super Seer Cool Cap blue stitching

The Cool Cap is made from a ventilated COOL JADE mesh fabric that provides great airflow. Think of the mesh fabric that is used for jackets that allow for almost complete airflow and doesn’t ripple or flap in the wind, and that is similar to these caps.

The shape of the cap is fairly typical as it is comprised of four triangular pieces and then a solid band of fabric at the base. But what is very unique about the Cool Cap is the awesome flatlock seams which allow the cap to stretch for a comfortable custom fit.

This stretch fabric also eliminates the need for any elastic which can cause irritation under a helmet. In addition, these seams are precisely finished on the inside of the cap so there are no rough areas or even a noticeable difference in thickness. This is an important feature for riders who have very short hair or no hair, as thick seams can cause abrasions, blisters, and discomfort when wearing a snug helmet for a long period of time.

Comfort and function are the most important features in any skull cap but the Cool Cap doesn’t stop with just those two great benefits. Due to the unique fabric and construction, this cap is one size fits all. I know, we have heard that a lot when it comes to motorcycle gear but this time you can really buy into the statement.

I wear an extra-small helmet or sometimes a small depending on the style and manufacturer. On the other end of the spectrum, my husband wears an extra-large helmet in most brands, but we were both able to wear the same Cool Cap very comfortably. Obviously, the Cool Cap fit us each a little differently but it was still very functional. I did end up tucking the edges of the baseband slightly at my ears but had no issues with it becoming bulky.

In addition to being infused with jade particles, the cap also has a special anti-odor compound woven into the fabric which deters microbe growth and helps to fight odor build up in your helmet.

I am also very happy that the Cool Cap is machine washable. Living in a hot climate, I was forced to do a lot of hand washing of other skull caps in the past. But these chemical-free caps can be thrown in a washing machine and will air dry very quickly to be ready for your next ride.

Super Seer Cool Cap mesh fabric material

The Designs

Currently, the Cool Cap is offered in a black COOLJADE infused mesh fabric with blue stitching. And in case you are wondering, the black material offers SPF 50 protection.

  • The S-7001-1 model has no logo imprint.
  • The S-7001-2 through S-7001-7 offer a variety of logo imprint options on the front and back of the cap which are related to law enforcement.

All of the caps are offered to law enforcement officers as well as civilian riders who want to show their support for the men and women in blue.

Super Seer Cool Cap logo printed version

My Experience

My experience with the Cool Cap has been in temperatures in excess of 100 degrees and in a full face helmet. Phoenix is said to have a dry heat but I do know that when wearing other caps under my helmet, the fabric and especially the elastic band and the base of the cap would become soaked with sweat and would not evaporate very well in my helmet.

I never had that issue with the Cool Cap. The Cool Cap provides great evaporative cooling even in the tight fit of my full face helmet. I also noticed that the lining of my helmet was drier than when I had used other brands of the cap. And even though the Cool Cap uses no elastic bands, it remained in place and very comfortable even during longer rides.

In the past, I have noticed that sweat build up in the other caps would cause my head to itch and even to cause some abrasion issues but that never happened when wearing the Cool Cap. I will continue to wear the Cool Cap and don’t foresee ever having a reason to try another type of cap.

A Potential Miss

For this hands-on test, I was able to wear the Cool Cap for a little over a month in pretty warm conditions. I also washed the cap several times due to the weather conditions. At this point, I am still very satisfied with the Cool Cap. As I mentioned before, the caps are being worn by my husband and myself, which provides some drastically different testing.

In my case, I am wondering if the cap will continue to remain a comfortable fit on the small end of the spectrum and not stretch out while my husband hopes that this does not shrink over time. But at this point, about 6 washes into their lifetime, they are holding their shape and elasticity very well.

The Verdict?

I am surprisingly happy with the Cool Cap. I never expected the dramatic differences as compared to other caps and it is well worth the $20 price.

Super Seer Cool Cap is made in the USA

As I noted at the beginning of this review, I was very skeptical of the 10 degrees cooler claim. But after reading about the technology and then experiencing the Cool Cap, I am very happy to have access to the product. The cost is very reasonable and the product will definitely enhance my rides in hot weather.


  • Great Airflow
  • Good Wicking
  • 50 SPF Protection from Black Fabric
  • No Elastic to Bind
  • Extreme Comfort
  • COOLJADE Natural Cooling Feature
  • Affordable
  • Machine Washable


  • Potentially Less Durable
  • No Color Choices
  • Could Lose Stretch After Repeated Washing


  • Manufacturer: Super Seer Corporation
  • Price (When Tested): $20
  • Made In: USA (designed and manufactured in Colorado)
  • Alternative models & colors: Multiple logo designs on black mesh
  • Sizes: One Size Fits All
  • Review Date: September 2018

Super Seer Cool Cap Image Gallery

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